With the holidays quickly approaching, I find myself getting ready to decorate again.  I remember making wooden decorations as a child that are still hanging on someone’s tree in my family.  I remember the bird bulb that was making it sound as if a bird was chirping in a tree, and I remember my persistent pesky brothers waking me up before dawn to go downstairs and see what Santa brought us, even when I tried to stall for five more minutes of slumber by telling them that Santa hadn’t come yet.

But traditions are sometimes lost.  Nowadays, people  just purchase a predecorated tree with everything on it and pull out the stand; no one strings cranberries or popcorn, or takes the time to perform the most perfect gift wrapping with the homemade bows and dangling cards.

I sadden when the lost art of Xmas decorating loses its luster.  As the commercial side of Christmas takes over, I am left wondering if tradition itself is lost, or if it is the loss of the true meaning behind Christmas and its real purpose.   So, as I untangle those lights this year, and as I hang those stockings, despite everyone’s grumbling and cursing around me, I have decided to enjoy every moment of this those lost traditions:  the dangling of the pearl garland, the perfect placement of each handmade decoration, the wrapping of the gifts and their subsequent deliveries, and even the incessant crowds at the stores.  May you and your family have a happy holiday this year with your own traditions and may you enjoy the season.