The Kennebunk Scandal is Not What It Appears…….. Saturday, Dec 29 2012 

Two more johns fined in Kennebunk prostitution case……….

This was the title of the article in today’s local online newspaper, Seacoast Online from the Portsmouth, NH area. But here is the REAL scandal as I see it……

That she is losing her child’s custody as the woman involved, but none of the men who benefited from her services as the other half of the trysts are having their assets frozen, or are losing their children to keep the scales equal. There should be equal punishment for all the men and one woman who benefited from her consensually-produced services.

There should be NO protection for the men on the list who betrayed their families for her services. They took advantage because they thought they could get away with it. She should not be the only one losing here. That is the REAL scandal……..women should be outraged. I don’t want to see her face in the news any longer, I want to see THEIR names and faces…….all plastered up on the news for what they did.

Is there a double standard?


Something is wrong with the establishment when……… Saturday, Dec 29 2012 

India Teen Commits Suicide After Police Pressure Her To Drop Gang Rape Case, Marry Attacker

Unbelievable headline I just found………

Something is wrong with society and the system when police participate in and reward rapists, perpetrators, stalkers, and human traffickers rather than stand behind those who are exploited and victimized.  It is a shame even more when those people are supposedly society’s trusted professionals.  We should not be left victims of sex crimes, ever.

No person should be free to exploit…….period.   The establishment is clearly in the wrong……. 



More thoughts………the media should know better…….. Saturday, Dec 15 2012 

I can’t  help but still be compelled to comment on the news media’s reporting of the shooting at the Connecticut School.

First of all, disabled people aren’t generally violent and that over generalization and pigeonholing should not even be reported out to the public. People with disabilities aren’t generally mass murders, they are usually the victims of others.  “Developmentally disabled” is a broad term, but most of the people I know with a developmental disability need assistance with basic activities of daily living like dressing and getting food to eat.  They don’t plan and carry out massacres.

To claim that someone is developmentally disabled, who then strategically knew to take out a school security system to gain entrance, where to go to shoot the principal, when to arrive to successfully to get in to the school in the first place, decide what best to wear, and then have the time to massacre 20 innocent children should NOT be reported or even considered “developmentally disabled” or have that be a legitimate claim in news reporting being spread to millions of people.  It is simply a brainwashing tool being used to bolster a political stance and demonize a group of innocent people and make them strategic future targets of hate crimes they don’t deserve.

The fact that the perpetrator reports as a “nerd” out to the mass public is also simply not politically correct and irresponsible of the media and the brother.  Most people who fit that description that I know are gentle human beings who have had a rough lot from a lot of rotten people who gave them that moniker.  They don’t kill people, they are usually the targets who try to defend themselves and often don’t, so I do not believe we are told the truth in the media……….which is unfortunate.    If I were investigating this case, I would focus on the relationship between the two brothers.  Obviously if the younger brother brought his older brother’s ID with him, he wanted to get his older brother in trouble for the crime…………and getting called a nerd by the older brother to me, sets a tone for possible motive……

The media should know better than to profile people without more information.   Media  relies on objective telling of the news…………not strategically brainwashing people with suggestive language like they are doing and painting a profile of someone who breeds fear and anguish for others in the future.  Shame on the reporters doing this……’s a travesty of justice to people with disabilities everywhere.

An Incredibly Sad Day for America….. Friday, Dec 14 2012 

I came home from work today with the news that some young man in Connecticut walked into his mother’s school and killed 27 people including his mother, the principal, other adults, and about 18 children.  I am simply in shock.

There are too many of these incidents happening  to be considered random and the violence just doesn’t seem to end.

I think that as a country we need to take a firm stance against these actions, because something sinister is driving these men to do it.  These young men are not simply walking into any facility and blowing people away—this is a cold, well-calculated, timed, and carried out plan these people have and are able to carry out without intervention or supposedly anyone’s prior knowledge, and it is very difficult for me to believe that there is absolutely NO sign at all ahead of time that there is a problem.

We are losing our freedoms and our basic rights as citizens to peacefully assemble, whether it be in a church like the Sikh faith did, or a movie theater, or a college campus, or a grade school.

I think profilers need to take a closer look at what these young people are gaining from it.  Why do this?  What is it going to gain them?  You can’t get notoriety if you are dead.  What is the possible motive?

We are being viciously stalked and oppressed by a bunch of complete asses and its being allowed………… real men would know better…..set a better example, and actually make a difference and intervene so these people don’t feel the need to resort to this behavior or that they ever learn it in the first place………all of this “surveillance” that claims to “protect us” is an utter sham…… didn’t protect anyone today-again……..obviously.

How can human beings think so callously of the intrinsic value of human life that they are so willing to ruin and damage other people’s lives like this as a power play?  This young man was nothing more than a filthy coward who took the lives of helpless people who couldn’t defend themselves and there is NO excuse for him.  No person, child or adult, should die this way; it is unconscionable that we are in the next millennium and that this behavior is even tolerated by society let alone is existing in this day and age.



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