I came home from work today with the news that some young man in Connecticut walked into his mother’s school and killed 27 people including his mother, the principal, other adults, and about 18 children.  I am simply in shock.

There are too many of these incidents happening  to be considered random and the violence just doesn’t seem to end.

I think that as a country we need to take a firm stance against these actions, because something sinister is driving these men to do it.  These young men are not simply walking into any facility and blowing people away—this is a cold, well-calculated, timed, and carried out plan these people have and are able to carry out without intervention or supposedly anyone’s prior knowledge, and it is very difficult for me to believe that there is absolutely NO sign at all ahead of time that there is a problem.

We are losing our freedoms and our basic rights as citizens to peacefully assemble, whether it be in a church like the Sikh faith did, or a movie theater, or a college campus, or a grade school.

I think profilers need to take a closer look at what these young people are gaining from it.  Why do this?  What is it going to gain them?  You can’t get notoriety if you are dead.  What is the possible motive?

We are being viciously stalked and oppressed by a bunch of complete asses and its being allowed………… real men would know better…..set a better example, and actually make a difference and intervene so these people don’t feel the need to resort to this behavior or that they ever learn it in the first place………all of this “surveillance” that claims to “protect us” is an utter sham……..it didn’t protect anyone today-again……..obviously.

How can human beings think so callously of the intrinsic value of human life that they are so willing to ruin and damage other people’s lives like this as a power play?  This young man was nothing more than a filthy coward who took the lives of helpless people who couldn’t defend themselves and there is NO excuse for him.  No person, child or adult, should die this way; it is unconscionable that we are in the next millennium and that this behavior is even tolerated by society let alone is existing in this day and age.