I can’t  help but still be compelled to comment on the news media’s reporting of the shooting at the Connecticut School.

First of all, disabled people aren’t generally violent and that over generalization and pigeonholing should not even be reported out to the public. People with disabilities aren’t generally mass murders, they are usually the victims of others.  “Developmentally disabled” is a broad term, but most of the people I know with a developmental disability need assistance with basic activities of daily living like dressing and getting food to eat.  They don’t plan and carry out massacres.

To claim that someone is developmentally disabled, who then strategically knew to take out a school security system to gain entrance, where to go to shoot the principal, when to arrive to successfully to get in to the school in the first place, decide what best to wear, and then have the time to massacre 20 innocent children should NOT be reported or even considered “developmentally disabled” or have that be a legitimate claim in news reporting being spread to millions of people.  It is simply a brainwashing tool being used to bolster a political stance and demonize a group of innocent people and make them strategic future targets of hate crimes they don’t deserve.

The fact that the perpetrator reports as a “nerd” out to the mass public is also simply not politically correct and irresponsible of the media and the brother.  Most people who fit that description that I know are gentle human beings who have had a rough lot from a lot of rotten people who gave them that moniker.  They don’t kill people, they are usually the targets who try to defend themselves and often don’t, so I do not believe we are told the truth in the media……….which is unfortunate.    If I were investigating this case, I would focus on the relationship between the two brothers.  Obviously if the younger brother brought his older brother’s ID with him, he wanted to get his older brother in trouble for the crime…………and getting called a nerd by the older brother to me, sets a tone for possible motive……

The media should know better than to profile people without more information.   Media  relies on objective telling of the news…………not strategically brainwashing people with suggestive language like they are doing and painting a profile of someone who breeds fear and anguish for others in the future.  Shame on the reporters doing this……..it’s a travesty of justice to people with disabilities everywhere.