Two more johns fined in Kennebunk prostitution case……….

This was the title of the article in today’s local online newspaper, Seacoast Online from the Portsmouth, NH area. But here is the REAL scandal as I see it……

That she is losing her child’s custody as the woman involved, but none of the men who benefited from her services as the other half of the trysts are having their assets frozen, or are losing their children to keep the scales equal. There should be equal punishment for all the men and one woman who benefited from her consensually-produced services.

There should be NO protection for the men on the list who betrayed their families for her services. They took advantage because they thought they could get away with it. She should not be the only one losing here. That is the REAL scandal……..women should be outraged. I don’t want to see her face in the news any longer, I want to see THEIR names and faces…….all plastered up on the news for what they did.

Is there a double standard?