Right now a school board member has been arrested and reports are coming out that she tried to ram a teenager holding a parking spot at a Wal-Mart parking lot. I have posted the link to the footage on my reference below, but the link asks us to judge who was right or wrong in the incident.

The media is putting its own sordid spin on things again, but if you actually see the surveillance video, it is clear that the teenager was on the outside of the space on the yellow line and clearly moves into the way of the car pulling in by coming toward it at an angle on the right side, in an effort to try to prevent the car from entering the spot. She intentionally moves off the yellow line and follows the car in by stepping in at an angle on the right side where she would then intentionally collide with the car in the parking spot as she moves into the spot and off the yellow line. The teenager creates the problem.

The girl was NOT in the parking spot when the car began moving in if you look at the footage, she was on the yellow line and she was not “rammed” as the media is trying to make it look like. If she was indeed rammed, there would be no tire mark on her leg, there would be broken bones and a bent fender or hood from the front of the car. This clearly did not happen the way it is being spun to us.

The teenager should have known better. Any mother/friend who cannot walk well because she has just had a baby, should not be planning to shop at Wal-Mart in the first place. That is the first mistake and assumption. There is no other car in sight waiting to claim that space in the video. Unless it is a handicapped spot, there are no legally reserved parking spots at any Wal-Mart that I know unless perhaps it is a fire lane.

The teenager had NO legal rights to claim that spot was reserved when this is not Wal-Mart’s policy and it is their property. To my knowledge the girl was not being paid to be in the parking lot as a Wal-Mart valet…. but I could be mistaken if the Walton family has decided to upscale its reputation with valet parking.

The vehicle driver was correct to assume that the spot was available, the spot was not filled with a car, there was no vehicle waiting signaling to pull in and she had every right to park there, she was trying to pull in to the available space when the girl intentionally stepped into the spot from off the yellow line where she was standing right as the car pulled in to prevent the car from entering and subsequently cause the chaos and problem. The girl comes off the yellow line at about a 50 degree angle and begins to come into the spot right as the woman tries to pull in safely and avoid the girl.

It was the intentional act of the girl stepping from the yellow line further into the parking spot at the same time the car was pulling in, KNOWING full well that the car was entering the spot, that caused the collision, therefore the school board member is in the right I believe. The teenager caused the event and chaos to happen with her nonsense and now they are creating drama making it look like this woman rams and hurts children and has road rage, which brainwashes the public opinion.

Any girl is old enough at 17-years old to know to get out of the way of a vehicle in a parking lot. It is an issue of control and who was in the control position to take the spot. I don’t believe the driver had malicious intent as she is being portrayed to the public, she simply wanted to legally and safely pull into a parking spot at Wal-Mart. The girl was preventing this from occurring and creating chaos, which she had no legal right to do. The girl here was the manipulator according to the video, otherwise there would not be a black mark where she walked head on into the car to try to exert her presence.

What is classless and worthy of reprimand is the other school board member in the article finding fault publicly to try to establish political footing by judging the incident before it has gone to trial and attempting to garnish public support by playing on people’s fears and emotions. She is even more of a disgrace to her school system right now than the incident with the driver of the car.

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