I have mixed feelings on government gun control legislation and here are my current thoughts…….

It is not the gun or the knife that is the problem, it is the person wielding it and their belief systems and influences. The puppets are the only things we see at a puppet show in a theater, but the strings that lead from the puppet up to the hidden puppet masters define the quality and ability involved in making the show take place.

I think the government is making a mistake generalizing and saying that anyone with a mental health issue can’t have a permit for a gun. I also think that media is once again brainwashing us and playing on our fears.

I had the good fortune of knowing a doctor who once told me that a majority of people who go to see psychiatrists aren’t usually truly the ones with the issues, they are usually the victims of those with the issues, and they come seeking help responsibly in coping, while the victimizers don’t come forward as readily. So is the government going to truly say that those who seek medical services for issues in their lives and are then given a diagnosis will have to give up the right to ever own a gun?

If a woman is violated without her consent and suffers emotional trauma and damage that causes a mental health issue, the government’s generalization disallowing her the right to protect herself and feel safe will cause more damage to her emotionally with regards to feelings of being less protected. The new gun control laws will prevent her from having a weapon of protection if she seeks help from medical personnel and is subsequently given a diagnosis so that they can bill insurance. What about domestic violence victims, how can they protect themselves if the government prevents them from having any legal way to do so?

I feel terrible about the tragedys occurring on the campuses and in our schools. Only cowards take out rage on the “chicken nugget lovers”. In the Sandy Hook shooting one child survived from playing “dead”. Obviously there are going to be lifelong scars and PTSD– is the government going to then tell that child who survived that when they are of age, they can’t have a weapon to protect themselves because of the damage they suffered and because they now have a mental health issue because of it? It would be an oxymoron.

I think it is time for the government officials to risk losing some campaign money and decide to go after the many companies supplying these caches of weaponry and putting them into their hands. These companies are allowing these weapon stockpiles to occur because it makes them MONEY. They KNOW who they have for clients who are stockpiling unnecessary amounts of weapons and they can actually choose to care BEFORE the damage is done. There should be a system of reporting so that the police have a potential suspect list BEFORE the killers take action so that they are ready. Don’t go after the puppets if you aren’t ready to get control of the strings. Where are these kids getting the money to buy these things? We are talking thousands of dollars involved in this….. Who is empowering them? Who are their influences? It is my suspicion that these are not random occurrences.

If you are intentionally going to feed a crime network what it needs to thrive, then you become an accomplice, unless you make a change for the better. I am not sure the current legislation on gun control is a change for the better because killers are going to get hold of weapons regardless of any laws. So my advice for the government as the respondeat superior, that if they want to truly restore the integrity of this country, and if my voice counts as a citizen, that they start choosing to use surveillance to actually go catch the real bad guys rather than to violate us and figure out how to set up the good guys. It would help restore the integrity of this country, which right now is being sadly undermined by these terrorists and the criminal network that I suspect empowers and feeds them.

Some of us are sick of being stalked and left victimized in a country that is supposed to be a great melting pot and global leader………thanks!