Susan Collins is a politician from my home state. She is a Republican Senator who is pushing for legislation authorizing extensive background checks on those who seek to own a gun with the hope of establishing some controls over weapon sales so that they aren’t landing in the hands of people who are getting publicity and exposure for mass killings and creating unnecessary chaos.

In theory, she is trying to do a good thing. We at least have some people taking an action to do SOMETHING, which is better than apathy.

Here are some things to think about however, along with some questions that I have…….

Are these mass killings happening strategically by a crime ring to try and cause this legislation to be created in the first place?

Are the senators playing into the hands of those controlling the puppets by giving them what they want (which is this legislation), thereby negatively reinforcing the perpetrators to continue to create chaos whenever they want the legislation on the table that ultimately serves an entirely different greater hidden agenda?

How honest are the background checks? I will speak more on this below.

Does the mental health field have the integrity to make those decisions fairly and in an unbiased manner, or will they make decisions based upon what they are told to say, and with whom they are aligned or for who they want to establish control, that could then leave certain people who need it, unprotected and ultimately targets put in harm’s way?

A background check is only as good as the integrity of the information provided from the source. Although I have never hurt anyone in my life and don’t committ hardened crimes, I request this information because I have been victim to erroneous paperwork on occasion from sources who consider themselves “professionals” but their accounting in their notes when documented is incorrect to what was discussed and stated. I am constantly correcting comments that are subjective rather than objective which means it alters and twists the context of the document by being based on opinions and their perceptions and is biased to the facts that were presented, thus I am careful to submit changes on what I have the power to correct into factual objective information. I have the legal right to make these corrections.

Here is my story about background checks…….

Whenever I apply for a position, I always ask for a copy of the results of the background check if one is done. I am legally allowed to have posession of and refute anything that is incorrect and defames me with character assassination. So are you. I have asked for copies when they are done for more than 25 years now and I have YET to actually get one from an employer or the agency they use and they are obligated legally to tell me if anything is amiss in my background check. I have called the companies that requested them multiple times, I have called the agencies that ran them, I have gone to the police station myself (who advised me to request one online) and finally I came home and requested one from my home state online. I keep copies whenever I do it. I recommend you do it as well.

I am being told by certain people that I have people strategically and purposely undermining information in my background check and the accuracy of the information being reported; if it is going on, is being hidden from me strategically and is a passive-aggressive attack. Because of the authenticity of records issues I have had, I am constantly backtracking and have lost faith in the integrity of the system. Am I responsible financially and legally to have to pay for errors in judgment and ethics violations that aren’t my fault to have this corrected?

So back to the topic of gun ownership–if I want to ever own a gun, will these people get away with it? Who pays the legal costs to have the information corrected from the defamation? Is this just a dishonest money maker? Would I be turned down for a gun because of other’s manipulations?

I have concerns that efforts to protect us will ultimately be twisted and turned into something bad, not necessarily by those who make and pass the laws, but by those who twist situations to hurt nice people.

So as Senator Collins prepares this legislation in good faith and with good intentions, I have to look at the situation from a different angle as a COMPLETELY SANE person being wronged and hope that current legislation on gun control and background checks, that started with a good intent by the government, doesn’t end up being used as a negative control device under the power of a crime ring that would prevent deserving citizens from their lawful rights to bear arms and feel protected.

Thank you for my voice as a citizen.