There is a silent war going on
and it isn’t about religion,
that’s the excuse they keep trying to use,
as they carry out attacks with precision.

It is an immoral brotherhood that’s true,
who fight for control unrelenting,
they don’t care what they take, they don’t care how they hurt,
they don’t care if we are consenting.

It’s all about making us submissive to them,
keeping us under their thumb,
and when you stand up for yourself and you fight,
they publicly violate you and make you look dumb.

This isn’t about beliefs in any God above
as they attempt to claim and state,
it is about creating chaos to then assume negative control,
and to gain power over others by breeding hate.

And these people are made up of teenagers,
and adults in positions of power whose morality is spent,
Who haven’t been taught a moral line or code
and that submission is not the same as consent.

So if people really want a change in the world for the better,
then good people will need to stand up and deliver,
before we are more robbed of our livelihoods,
and left out in the cold to shiver.

This isn’t a fight about religious beliefs,
but rather a test of our humanity,
as people abuse their positions of power
then seek footing by testing their victim’s sanity.

If you really want peace to come to the world
then start empowering better quality people,
make red, green and blue only colors of crayons again,
and learn to accept all the spires and steeples.

If you really want peace to come to the world,
then it isn’t about who you can enslave,
it is about providing opportunities for all,
and making the real bad guys behave.

I know it’s all about accountability,
and to stop the endless flip-flop and document redacting,
as blame and the truth gets all turned around,
as it is on the good guys right now that the blame is exacting.

This is a test of our humanity,
to stop injustices once and for all,
and return prosperity to people all over the world,
Because truly that is our call.

There is a silent war among us,
and it has left many good people in its path,
if all we are is sad entertainment for them,
then they are doomed to feel God’s wrath.

Yes there is a silent war among us,
and it affects more than just you and me,
it affects every nation and people
across every land and sea.

Is there a difference in the world I can make,
I am but one small butterfly?
but if I flap my thin wings just slightly enough,
then someone might feel me try.

Yes, there is a silent war among us,
and we are dying more each and every day…..
You can choose to do nothing at all,
or you can choose to make a positive difference today.

Stephanie K. Dow