The article in the link below addresses those servicemen caught taking and collecting inappropriate footage of people in showers and bathrooms, and also sexual assault by supervisory staff in the military. This is not just happening in the military unfortunately and the footage is not just being trafficked by men, but what concerns me as a citizen of this country is that this “picture-taking” and “footage passing” has been going on now for years and somehow severity of the situation never seems to make it into any form of practical legislation to protect and restore the lives of the victims.

It is one thing to give a speech, but yet another to prove that what you are addressing is actually followed through with accountability and appropriate action from above. What bothers me personally, is that there seems virtually NO legal action for violating human rights until it is conveniently too late to prevent the damage to the victim and failure to act, or nonfeasance, from the professionals subsequently causing more harm to the victim.

And what is more, the people taking the photos and passing them are getting into positions of power over their victim and getting rewarded whether it be in the military, within companies who are allowing it, or in schools, so even though it might not be considered “sexual assault” in the classical sense of rape, it is still a perpetration of that person’s privacy for a sexual powerplay that results and subsequently sustains similar damage to the victim.

And it is being covered up and conveniently brushed under the carpet by some in healthcare and company CEOS as well as the military because no one wants to get involved and do anything about it, they would rather strategically set up the victim for blame they don’t deserve so they can “justify” violating people in their bedrooms and bathrooms for “freebie fun porn” to pass around.

But remember, not all of the perps are men, and in defense of good men, there are women doing it to people too. So in defense of some good men out there who are appropriate in their surveillance, there are some vicious women in higher positions doing it as well and not getting held accountable. In fact, they are getting rewarded for it. So if you are going to blame just men, the article would be wrong in doing so.

Time to bring down the snakeline of people doing it. I am not a righteous prude, but there is something called “consent” and rights to “full disclosure” that is making what they are doing unlawful. It is ruining the integrity of this country and causing hatred of others toward us. If that is how we want to represent ourselves, I feel sorry right now to be an American today.

They aren’t doing it because they like photography, they are doing it because someone is rewarding them for the inappropriate photos and filmmaking, and because they are getting a sexual power trip over having that kind of power over a subordinate. Don’t you know that the premise behind rape has nothing to do with sex? It has to do with having a sexual power and control over the victim.

If honest government officials TRULY want to fix this problem, they need to go after not only those collecting the photos, but who they are supplying the photos to, and whomoever is rewarding them for the public exploitation and demoralization. Why go after puppets and not the puppet masters? Then, and only then, maybe, will it stop.

What I have failed to disclose and hide rather well due to the fact that I am a woman under the glass ceiling is my exceptionally high IQ……

Those are my thoughts for today.