If I could make a difference to the world I would know just where to start,
I would teach people kindness again and restore the hope in their heart.
I would work to make the world a safe place, for those who chose to walk in the light,
and for those who chose the dark side of life, I would put up one hell of a fight.

I might sound cliché with my thoughts on this topic, and sadly almost redundant,
but I would work to restore prosperity and happiness to people,
and make opportunities for all people abundant.

I haven’t always done everything perfectly, but my good heart is in the right place.
I’m not the entity trying to manipulate and control the minds of the whole human race.
If I could change the world in some way I wouldn’t hold people hostage to fears,
I would work to ensure care and concern for all people that would last for years and years.

I would never stoop to do what I could to humiliate and publicly degrade them,
I wouldn’t disrespect other’s religious beliefs and I wouldn’t target people and then violently raid them.
It is a sad, sad state of our nation and world when good people are attacked and left without aid,
who then are brushed under the carpet as strategic handshakes and dirty deals are made.

We need to value and cherish our whole human race, and reach for a much grander vision,
one that doesn’t hurt and abuse us and leave us weeping in vain upon a decision,
If I had the power to make change in the world, I would disempower sadistic forces,
I would only employ police and military men whose honesty and integrity itself endorses.

I would make sure money and power are controlled only by people who care,
and when I brought down the drug and trafficking trade, well, people just didn’t think I’d dare…….
I would embrace my countrymen who come forward with great ideas for the land,
and if I needed to bring us back from the brink of war I would extend my hand.

I would work day and night to not let humanity down,
and just think I was able to accomplish these feats, coming from such a small hometown.
My vision for the world is not what you may have seen of me, goodness knows I seem free to degrade, but I always believed that when the world gave you lemons, you simply take them and make good lemonade.

If I could make a difference in the world today, I would try to set injustices right,
because people who wear certain colors like red, blue, green, and orange seem only to act out of hatred and spite.

My vision for the world is not one of hatred, or people who simply act out of rage,
but one of peacefulness and global disarming, and freedom for people of every age.
Instead of mass graves, we would only need to plant flowers and nurture the world back to health,
and we would live side by side peacefully with other countries and there would be plenty of wealth.

If I could make a difference in the world I see today, for actions I would hold people accountable,
because right now there are so many people trying to damage to good people
that the task seems almost insurmountable.

When you live your life in an assaulting situation it is difficult to have hope,
each day just seems to be what it seems to take to survive and to allow you somehow to cope.
If my voice ever made a difference to the thousands of children for whom I thoughtfully taught,
is that you hold your ground against adversity, and sooner or later the real bad guys would get caught.

My vision for the world is accountability for crimes and not in teaching children how dishonest they can be, because that will lead to global destruction of us, integrity is the key.
I taught my students how to work together for a concert, how to reach for the standing ovation, 
it would be my solemn dream to be able to do that for an entire nation.

We have very important decisions to make ahead globally
about what types of power structures we want to lead us,
whether it is based on instituting an initiative of peace and freedom for all men,
or if we are just simply their playthings and they don’t even need us.

If I were to create change in the world
I would celebrate the intellectual minds of people,
create opportunities to thrive, keep people independent and alive,
and show respect to each person, spire, and steeple.

If I could make a change in the world, I would strive to put an end to corruption,
so that all countries could thrive and live peacefully without unnecessary chaos and interruption.
My dream for the world would truly be that there would be a way to live hand in hand,
with no more hatred or war, unnecessary deaths or violent attacks, and that peace would rule the land.

But I am only one person against these problems being strategically set up so that my voice will never matter, and the fact that my ideas and visions for the world don’t count just keep making me ever more sadder.
Maybe someday there will be someone I meet who shares my same grand visions, 
who isn’t bogged down by politics and would make the same global decisions.

Then there would be someone who might make a difference where I couldn’t,
and stop the bad guys who learned to cheat to win by doing things that they shouldn’t.
Then there would be a hope that the world could be a better place, 
letting the visionaries win for once and save the whole human race.

If I could make a difference in the world, I would tell you this today,
it’s the good deed you pass forward, in some small insignificant way.
It’s the smile that might escape another that you so graciously give,
it’s picking up the phone and letting someone know that it matters to you that they live.

It’s the helping hand that you lend another, when the chips have all gone down,
it’s the hug that you give someone, when sad news gives them a frown.
You don’t need to have a lot of money to make a difference in the world you just need to persevere,
and let the people around you know that you hold them dear.

If I could take a moment to end my thoughts below the glass,
I would say don’t stoop to the level of your oppressors and choose to live life with more class.
If I could reach my former students, here is what I would say……….
you always left me proud of you………. each and every day.

Now go and make a difference and make the world a better place, 
and stand tall and fight with courage against adversity with dignity and grace.  
When the world has left you lemons then go make some lemonade,
and let them know how strong you are and that you will make the grade.

When the bad guys have done the worst to you just be the bigger man,
and face your fears head on and be the difference if you can.
Fix the wrongs in the world and try to set things right,
and those who have been victimized will appreciate your fight.

For when your life is over and you gone to another land………

………you want to leave a better world behind for a child that once held your hand.

Stephanie K. Dow