With regards to the Zimmerman case I believe that the truth has been upheld.  There has been racial profiling and discrimination on both sides of the case, so the “race card” needs to be thrown out.  The fact that this was made into a case of “race” is just hysteria being created to try to cause litigation and deter and cloud people from the truth.

The fact that President Obama has made this his personal “race case” in his description of Mr. Martin to try to sway American opinion before the trial happens lowers my opinion of him greatly.  He has shown a great lack of integrity here……..

Personally, my opinion is this, if you don’t want to be profiled, then don’t dress like a gangster.  It is THAT simple.  If you are going to dress in gangster fashion, and emulate gangster persona in an area that has seen crimes and break-ins already,  you bring it on to yourself and create the problem in the first place.

Mr. President–To prove your point—— if you think this is about race, why don’t you show up to work next week with a gold tooth, gold chains, excessive “bling”, tattoos, and a hoodie and meet with the foreign leaders this way and see how you are received and how far you get?  In fact, why didn’t you run for President of the United States this way?

Why don’t we see ANY pictures of you dressed in this manner speaking to the mass media or going out in public?  If you believe that Mr. Martin could’ve been your son, then why don’t we see you dressed in the same manner as an example?

And in the days where you have teenagers walking into schools with guns killing people, blindly taking aim on college campuses and in public gathering areas, and where bombs are getting set off, these issues are GOING to happen and it is a much bigger issue than Mr. Zimmerman. The President of the United States SHOULD have been silent, waited for the evidence, and been the bigger man and the example.

When you come to the defense of ALL kids at the expense of the complete TRUTH of all parties involved, you create and invite crime to flourish because truth gets shoved under the carpet and let’s face it……….. not all kids are good kids…….just like not all people who the court claims dress like gangsters, are actually gangsters.

I believe that his neighborhood was what Mr. Zimmerman was trying to PROTECT in this instance. I definitely would call him to handle a few of my neighbors on the street.

I would have supported  Mr. Martin just as readily IF the evidence had been different.  It wasn’t about race—-they are both minorities, it was about upholding the truth. Rev. Sharpton and his constituents should actually choose to only defend cases that are truly about race, and learn not the play the “race card” when it suits them because they lose some credibility that way on cases that truly beg for their intervention.

I do not believe there was any injustice done and race was certainly not a motivator.  As much as I grieve for the Martin family at the loss of their son, Mr. Zimmerman was clearly acting in self-defense in this case and made the proper calls to authorities to alert them that something was wrong.   He might not be a perfect person, but if he had any intent to hurt this young man or was a vigilante, he never would have alerted police that something suspicious was going on in the neighborhood beforehand.

It is apparent that Mr. Zimmerman had no intention of hurting Mr. Martin at the onset of the altercation , otherwise he would not have contacted the police just prior.  Mr. Zimmerman was the one who was being attacked from the wounds seen at his arrest.  Mr. Martin did not have any wounds other than the gunshot.

By making this a “race case” you make it difficult for us to protect ourselves from true perpetrators and assaults in the future, and let’s face it, some of them are African-American as well as white, and some of the perpetrators over the last few years have been young.  It isn’t racial profiling…….it is fact.