Now there is new speculation that the Federal Government might launch yet another case against George Zimmerman.  At this point, it becomes harrassment for Mr. Zimmerman.

Eric Holder should have some common sense.  If he were getting his head pounded to the pavement that could cause a serious head injury and having his nose broken, what would he do?  He would do exactly what Mr. Zimmerman did, he would have fired the weapon to get the attacker off him.  So would I.  If Mr. Zimmerman were African-American, this case would not have been so publicized.  If Mr. Martin were white, we would have never heard about it.

What is unfortunate is where is the satellite imagery of the attack?  Knowing that there were break-ins, why was surveillance conveniently shut down or non-existent in the neighborhood to begin with?  The lead coroner on this very high profile case mysteriously can’t even recall doing the autopsy?   Where is the technology to match voice recognition to see whose voice was screaming for help?  Where were the police in the seven minutes after the initial call?

The break-ins and robberies in the neighborhood were coincidentally done by a group of African-American males and you have someone fitting the description dressing like a gangster who suddenly launches an attack on the neighborhood watch leader, breaks his nose and pounds his head to the pavement, yet the government wants to find ANY reason it can to lay blame on the ONE guy protecting his neighborhood simply because ALL of the government personnel and agencies who SHOULD have been there with both surveillance and cars FAILED the neighborhood.

Sounds like a set up to me……a spider bite that bit the spider back instead…….don’t look too deep Mr. Holder you just may find what you are looking for…….hang in there Mr. Zimmerman.