If I could write a letter to Stevie Wonder, here is what I would say:

Dear Mr. Wonder:

Regarding your boycott of Florida and other state venues, I would tell you that if I were still your fan (which I no longer am), I would take any of your music I owned and mail it back to you express mail, particularly if I were a fan and I lived in Florida. It takes a very small man to take his anger out on his fans, and punish them by refusing to play where they are located, simply because he doesn’t agree with an outcome of a case that has NOTHING to do with his fans, who he is going to make LOSE so his rage can be channeled and displaced. It is actually quite immature for someone who is supposed to be an icon of the music establishment and for whom we are supposed to look up to and regard.

If I were still your fan (which I haven’t been for over 30 years), I would boycott YOU right back. Don’t bother coming to my state, you will have at least one empty seat who won’t bother spending the money for the ticket.


A former fan

P.S. If you could tell your friends on AOL.com to please stop stalking people who simply want the news, by ceasing the Darkside Skittles ads popping up and pictures defiling Rev. Martin Luther King’s photo as a hooded gangster, America really doesn’t need the message and tone it’s delivering, Rev. King would never have wanted it. It’s just going to cause more damage to this country and some of us have had enough of the antics and intent. We get your messages as Americans, we are choosing to stand our ground rather than cater to criminals who have a need for power and control. Thank you.