President Obama:

If I could write you a letter that would actually reach you, here is what I’d say:

Mr. President, stop hashing the Martin case into the ground about race, you are wrong. This attack on Trayvon Martin was NOT motivated by race!!!!!

If it had been James Holmes from Aurora bashing Mr. Zimmerman’s head into the ground, Mr. Zimmerman would still have taken the shot and been considered a hero for saving the people in the movie theater!!!

If it had been one of the Tsarnaev brothers on the day of the Boston bombing, Mr. Zimmerman would still have taken the shot and been a hero!!!

If it had been Adam Lanza and Mr. Zimmerman would have been at Sandy Hook Elementary School that day, he would have taken the shot and been a hero and saved a lot of innocent lives, black or white, or hispanic!!!

Why are you being a backwards racist to those who voted you into office to back a bunch of thugs? You are attempting to sway the public’s perception away from the truth. Your personal opinions, which negatively have impacted people, have generated a lot of rioting, are you accepting some sort of gratuity or money on the side for your view? Are gun control supporters feeding your personal coffers? Is the witness that spoke for Trayvon Martin getting any kind of financial gratuity for what she said in her testimony?

Do you always side with the gangsters and criminals? No wonder we are having problems in this country. Racial relations are NOT better in this country and if you say that you are wrong. They are worse, and your attitude is part of the cause. I have friends of all colors, shapes and sizes and I don’t discriminate like you do.

Trayvon Martin was the attacker, he was armed with a block of cement as a weapon and beating someone’s head against the ground. If your surveillance had been better to catch criminals in the area in the first place, he might not be dead right now, he would be held accountable just like James Holmes, the Tsarnaev brothers, and the man who held his mother hostage for hours and dragged her into a WalMart last weekend threatening to kill her. You have no one to blame but YOURSELF as respondeat superior of law enforcement that FAILED the neighborhood that day.

Why don’t you focus your efforts on your own homefront since you are Commander-in-Chief and right now your navy onion software is allowing sex offenders and perpetrators committ crimes for themselves under your administration without accountability. Some of us are victims of THAT and we aren’t getting the justice we deserve either.

Stop turning this into gun control issues to bolster a political position that prevents us from defending ourselves. I am completely disgusted with you right now as a taxpayer.

At least Stevie Wonder isn’t racist. He’s going to bar ALL races from his concerts in Florida, black, white AND hispanic so he can go have a personal temper tantrum!!! Rev. Sharpton, and Rev. Jackson, with all due respect to all you do, I hope you will come to my aid if I am ever in need, because I am being set up in my life wrongfully as well; do I have to be black to qualify for your intervention if I am being personally targeted?

Why don’t you ask why the African-American community, under your administration Mr. President, who are publicizing graphic representations of Martin Luther King and putting them out to the public (by one who is a former member of your administration) why they are being racist? You are creating the negative animosity with the release of that photo that denotes stalking and racial problems with which you grew up. Martin Luther King’s family member agreed publicly today that that photo and the message it sends was NOT how Rev. King would want to be represented. You should have your colleague retract it along with the darkside skittles pop-up commercial ads.

Why not put James Holmes in a hoodie, he hooded himself with red hair, didn’t he? Didn’t Adam Lanza wear a hoodie? I think he did!!!!! Why are your associates only putting Trayvon Martin in a hoodie online? Are you racist? Is he getting special treatment?

By singling out Trayvon Martin for special consideration, you are making this a race case and making YOURSELF a racist, Mr. President. Your attitude is also causing race-relation problems.

To the Martin parents–I do feel sorrow and understand why they can’t be objective. Right or wrong, they have to stand by their son’s actions, because he is their son. I understand. It is a terrible loss for them. I sincerely grieve.

Apparently however, because the attacker was black and 17, we have to embrace him as the gangster and not hold him accountable like we do the white attackers who are gangsters as well and then we have to blame swap the entire situation onto the responsible older man who had done everything lawfully and who just happens to have lighter-colored skin so he can be set up out of convenience (and who also notified the proper people while it was all happening)……just because we have a black president.

Now THAT is the face of RACISM.

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