There is another article about racial stereotyping out regarding two little boys in separate incidences taking the family car for a joy ride both getting caught by police while behind the wheel.

One boy is caucasian, the other is African-American. The issue is whether they were treated the same or whether there was racial prejudice.

I think the police handled the situations similarly and very well. Surveillance worked and people’s lives were saved including the lives of the children.

I do not think that the writers of this article have a strong case about racial stereotyping here as they try to present. The first boy’s intent was he wanted to see what it was like to drive, the second boy’s intent was more retaliatory against the adults with the intent of doing something “bad” and knowing it in an attempt to show he could do harm and then leave the adults to pay for it as retaliation. The psychology behind the intent is what led to the different end result, not an issue of race.

Truthfully, I thought the first family of the caucasian family didn’t punish him enough, he doesn’t seem to understand that he could have been killed or have killed someone else and four days without video games doesn’t really teach him that concept.

The second family of the African-American boy, the grandmother, had a better understanding of the gravity of what was done. Although many frown upon spanking these days, I believe her punishment, whatever she decided, would have been a better lesson learned and would have resulted in more than just a loss of video games, it would have been enough to make him realize accountability and feel remorse. That is probably why we see the different outcome of the case.

I do not believe that the article successfully presents racial stereotyping.

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