Yes Mr. President there is dishonest surveillance being done,

if you want to curb military sexual assault, spoil their footage-trafficking fun.

Know that some Americans are victims of these trafficking perpetrators,

they are in your government agencies too, they are the film creators.

Yes, we need good surveillance to be done to bring the real bullies down,

we shouldn’t have to put up with being handed out to dishonest locals in the town.

The company supervisors seem to get their freebie fills,

so the drug companies can make more money when their intended victim gets put on pills.

One-third of your onion software is used by criminals to commit crimes,

they inappropriately film us, stalk and exploit us, and then collect their dollars and their dimes.

They twist the story around so that their real victims get set up for the blame,

and everyone sits and allows it to happen, leaving the real victim never quite the same.

You see the integrity of this country has been severely jeopardized,

and the dishonesty of the people who know what is happening gets hidden and disguised.

Sometimes I don’t know how the good guys with a conscience in the system can sleep at night,

knowing that what is going on right now truly isn’t justice nor is it right.

Some of us who are good patriots don’t deserve the road down on which we’ve been taken,

we are watching a blame and credit flip go on, and facts that they are completely faking.

Some of us have wasted years away while the damage is never-ending,

while the people who should fix crimes on other things-their time they’re spending.

So Mr. President I’d like to remind you that I am a nice person, highly educated with common sense,

and I am sitting back watching dishonest people keep making life conveniently keep coming at my expense.

Someday, I would like the opportunity to set it all back to right,

and hold all the people accountable who have acted out of hatred and spite.

You see I do not bear allegiance to any club, color or line,

I choose to walk a higher ground and actually be someone with a spine.

That leaves me the odd man out, the one they use, abuse, set up, and leave behind,

but that’s okay because I know I am the one with the truly brilliant mind.

I am undermined strategically by the bad guys who are truly to blame,

it’s so pathetic to watch knowing that I have truly caught on to their game.

They manipulate the children as well, get them to do things that they normally wouldn’t

it’s a sad state of affairs, when young people are manipulated into doing things that they shouldn’t.

These people piss all over everyone and then put on these false and mighty airs,

and then leave the people terrorized and victimized by them sitting in despair.

I don’t pretend to be better than other people, but sometimes I wish they’d see

how they destroy everything around them along with this country’s integrity.

So in closing, I’d like to just say that it would mean a great deal to me,

to continue to use surveillance to catch them instead, but as it should be……… appropriately.

Stephanie D.