The magazine Ebony has currently published several covers of African Americans in gray-hooded sweatshirts.  They did a terrible disservice to themselves when they published those covers.

You see, most Americans with any common sense know what truly happened, and after seeing the Martins being interviewed it came to my attention during one show that the Martin’s are being TOLD to make this a race case to try to rally people to a cause.  This is a bunch of “professional” men who are trying to use this as a springboard for a hidden agenda.  I really don’t think in their hearts (the Martins) they actually believe it.  I think they are being controlled on what to say by the “professionals” around them who are manipulating them into taking this stance.

The unfortunate circumstance for America is that, once again, the situation backfired on the umbrella the Martin’s have been standing under and it is unfortunate because they are nice people, I think.  Because Trayvon chose to live up to the stereotype and be the hooded attacker in the neighborhood that was already seeing criminal behavior, this stance that they are publicly taking is creating issues of race that shouldn’t be created in the first place.

Now, because of magazine covers like this that keep the attack on Mr. Zimmerman in the public eye and the issue of profiling prejudice that was claimed, the Ku Klux Klan have decided to also begin wearing their own hoodies and begin to do neighborhood surveillance.

So if Ebony can put out a cover out there to try to bleed the public sympathy dry on this case, the only response they are going to get turns out to be the opposite of what they want.  Obviously someone at that magazine needs to look for a new job.

Mr. President, you’ve done the wrong thing by making this case personal because of Mr. Martin’s race in front of the world.  Yes, Trayvon Martin could have been you… could Adam Lanza, so could James Holmes, so could Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, so could Michael Madison and a whole host of attackers.

The difference is this——something within you grew to make a different choice however and the lesson to be learned is to teach kids of all skin color to make a different and less spiteful and hateful choice.  That is the message that SHOULD be coming from you and the adults that surround the situation that are trying to stir up hate and animosity toward Mr. Zimmerman and make this racial.

It is a sad day for all of us in America when the Ku Klux Klan feel they have to take their hoodies back out to keep the neighborhood safe.  Are they going to be on the cover of Ebony next?  It is an oxymoron and it nullifies that message for which Reverend Martin Luther King truly devoted his life and does a great disservice to the African-American community.

Thank you for my opinion.