My heart bleeds today for the people of Syria and the civilian casualties, many of whom are children.  It is a terrible event when one’s freedoms and lives are cut short, especially when they are only considered collateral damage in a much greater movement.

I agree with the Secretary of State that the loss of life and subsequent substantial degradation being allowed of these people’s lives is an obscenity of human morality being plastered in front of an entire world to see, but any action now comes too late to prevent any damage for those we see before us, unfortunately. Too little, too late.

If the United Nations votes to allow the US to invade this country, may we not be misled this time into another invasion that turns out to be under false pretenses to justify ousting a leader and then to subsequently pilfer the people dry of oil, artifacts, money, and children before any establishment of “democracy” even gets started.

Mr. Secretary, since the last war was funded with money we did not have, I hope that any attempt to establish order will be better organized because the whole entire world will be watching every step taken by this government to make sure our government’s actions are to FREE people and save children and NOT to secretly OPPRESS them and ROB them blind.

Here is a list of what to bring this time in case you forget:

1. Please make sure to pack telephones this time so the administration and the troops can establish order at the BEGINNING. In Iraq no one had any forms of communication established when they arrived for DAYS and DAYS and DAYS………

2.  Please dress our troops in the correct color camouflage this time so that they are properly dressed to not be shot by the enemy needlessly.

3.  Please remember to “pick up the telephone and actually give an order” so the troops don’t just STAND there and watch the criminals loot the history museums and kill and slaughter people right in front of them while our troops simply stand there and do nothing but watch………

4.  Please do not allow their children to be violated and human trafficked as that only happened in Iraq AFTER we invaded.

5. Please make sure that this country is not robbed of its ability to thrive and establish itself fairly.

6.  Please make sure that the families who are suffering right now over there get overflows of food, clothing and shelter as soon as possible.

7.  Please do not let valued Syrian antiquities begin appearing “mysteriously” in American markets to be traded like blood diamonds.

If you can remember all those items on the list that were mistakes made from the past, then we might have a shot at saving some lives and giving freedom to people who need it.  If that isn’t really the reason for any actions or intervention by our government, then don’t lie to us, because we are watching very closely to see what your true intent is………

These people are being obscenely violated in front of the world.  There should rightfully be intervention or at least aid.