I have just a few things to add for the Secretary of State to think about after seeing his speech, even though my voice doesn’t have much sway.

You say that your intelligence that has been gathered is good, yet this same intelligence was concocted by people under our government to persuade the western powers to launch an attack wrongfully claiming that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, when there in fact, weren’t any.  It has me concerned about the effectiveness and honesty in intelligence gathering.

As an American, I am affected everyday by people making false claims about me and submitting wrongful paperwork to state sources to cover it over and glorify themselves, for what they themselves have done wrong in the first place, to make it come at my expense wrongfully.  I have not been able to right this as of yet.

I also am concerned with the accuracy of the intelligence you have coming in.  When you turn intelligence gathering over to a bunch of people who have no ethics or morality themselves, they exploit their target inappropriately and then set them up for blame and degradation while baiting you, the government, to launch attacks on whomever they want. We have seen this as a pattern.

In my life as a professional, important paperwork of mine involving professional situations and personal ones, gets either stolen, lost at the location where it was submitted, rewritten to someone else’s credit or redacted higher up so that I get blame for things I have not caused, or the events get misrepresented and dates screwed up by a legion of people who claim to be your intelligence gatherers who aren’t honest themselves, and there is this huge stall so they can falsify whatever they need to screw over their intended target.  I’ve seen it more times than I can say.

Thus it makes me angry when I ask for intervention that is well within my rights and the right to an advocate and that gets conveniently shoved under the carpet in the system so that the truth gets buried.  It is a form of oppression for which the victim gets robbed blind of the ability to thrive and it is unfair and unethical with regards to those who are doing it…….and I am a citizen.

So I must admit when crimes go without action here by those for whom we were supposed to trust and have faith, I find it somewhat hurtful that suddenly we hear about a weapon attack in another country and the government wants to jump right on it and take action immediately.  What about crimes going on right here?

In getting back now to Syria, my concern is that if this is happening to us as Americans, then how can we believe in an intelligence gathering system that we are supposed to believe regarding a foreign country’s information?  Is it really the government launching the chemical weapons, or could it be another group with ties in the country that is trying to set up the government for an attack?

So the President’s dilemma is really this—If you launch an air strike, aren’t you going to kill more people, some of whom might be children and cause more collateral damage? And if you choose to do nothing at all, if you just sit there and do nothing, then you tell the world that these people don’t count and don’t matter in front of the entire world and that is not right either.

Good luck making your decisions on this situation.  England is choosing to look the other way not care, the moral and ethical question to the world is, what are you going to decide?

A Very Concerned Citizen of the United States of America