Mike Fitzpatrick is a special correspondent for CNN who is also the executive director for the National Alliance on Mental Illness and who recently wrote an article in response to the mass shootings taking place in this country and how the actions create a stigma for people who seek assistance for mental health issues.

He is right on every count in his article which has the link provided at the end of this blog.  Mentally ill people do not typically go and carry out mass killings, in fact a majority of those who have mental health issues have them because they have been victimized and need help with coping.

The people carrying out the mass killings have a killing instinct to begin with and what is taking place is a lack of good judgment in the media in reporting motive and opportunity because they have been limited by lack of information from the system and are trying to placate the American people.  Thus, when they hear about a defense stance from a legal perspective, they most often choose “mental illness” as a “cause celebre”  because it is easy for the public who have been overly traumatized by the news of these events and need something to blame to calm their nerves.

All of the people I have met who have mental illnesses, which is a large number at this point in my life, are not sociopaths.  What you have are a bunch of sociopaths who are being manipulated and are striking out to try to cost people because they seek a sick power over their victims.

Personally, I think the people carrying out the massacres are simply puppets in a dirty network and we are not being told the truth because it would create too much public fear.  But that fear is already here and it can be measured in the severity of people’s reactions when approached by strangers.  The influx of the terrorist society that is being allowed to gain power is doing so while we just sit back and do nothing, and it is being empowered at our expense for another entity’s dishonest profit-generating machine.  These massacres are well thought out, well planned, and out to ruin the financial fabric of this country while our federal government, that is supposed to be working FOR us, fails to act time and time again to bring it down.

The more destruction that is created by the mass killings, the more people will appear with PTSD, depression, anxiety disorders, and sleep disorders who will need assistance.  The venues making a profit on these peoples’ pain are those in healthcare and drug manufacturing companies, and then my experience has been that the blame will get turned on the person who came for help instead of the victimizers so the puppet masters can make big bucks for themselves while the victims are left in emotional ruin.

And guess what—if they need public assistance after being victimized, it isn’t going to be there because the House of Representatives just cut 40 billion dollars from the food supplement program which means the victims who are left from these perpetrators will STARVE if they have to leave their job due to stress over violent acts committed.

So stop stigmatizing people with mental illness, stop violating them, and stop blaming them and I say this to even HEALTHCARE people.  Do the world a favor——-bring down the real bad guys so that those of us who suffer from mental illnesses from being victimized, STOP being victimized for the greed and gain of the bad guys who are the ones thriving and financially prospering from the damage done.

That would actually take government intervention, intervention we are just NOT seeing.

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