Biggest mistake the police could ever make, dropping the charges on those girls who bullied another teenager until she committed suicide.  Those girls are being taught that behavior from adults who also get away with it and well, let’s face it, I have yet to see the justice system work for the right side of justice and hold these people accountable for their bad behavior that subsequently caused significant irrecoverable damage to this person.

It is a sad day in America when adults in charge are feasting on, breeding and teaching young people there is no punishment for chronic abuse of a person.  It is happening in the workplace, it is happening in public places, and in schools, and what is going to happen is we are going to end up with more and more Columbine situations because these kids are going to snap, and rightfully so if the system doesn’t advocate properly on bullying.  Are the bullies the ones launching the attacks, or are they acting on their bullies? We have seen both.  We saw the bullied teens react at Columbine High School, and we saw the children at Sandy Hook get bullied.  Both were instances of sociopathic teenagers.

The police, in this case, have rewarded the abusers and have taught them with this message that there is no accountability from the system that is supposed to keep order and fight for justice, to protect and serve.  There is no justice here for the girl who took her life.

These girls should be brought up on manslaughter charges at least and have to pay their dues for what they did to her.  That girl and the value of her and her life was worth the fight.  Would the outcome have been the same if it were Sasha or Malia, or Chelsea?

The police have sold her down the pike because she “wasn’t important enough” and where is their respondeat superior…………..where are you Mr. President?  You would publicly fight for a hooded gangster wannabe like Trayvon Martin only because he was black, but apparently this girl has no value to you to be worthy of any effort from above?????? Is it because she is white? Or because she is a girl……..

What the system needs……….stronger and better men………. and women……… in leadership positions who aren’t secretly catering to crime lords running a global crime ring…….dollar bills, threats, and payoffs shouldn’t decide the hand of justice, it should be that which seems to elude the American people these days because of a crooked system as it runs which is………TRUTH.

Reference Link to Article: 11/21/2013.

Addendum:  Today these girls are declaring their innocence in front of a nation.  There is a great deal of proof of what they were doing to her over a long period of time that is absolutely irrefutable due to the posts that were collected.  That girl jumped to her death on that day because NO ADULT who should have been supervising was appropriately intervening on the bullying and HANDLING THE ISSUE who should have cared BEFORE IT GOT THAT FAR.   YES, these girls absolutely did wrong, so did the adults who are candy-coating the story.  It happened not due to one argument, but over a long period of time without proper intervention.

If you want to know the truth of this story, ask all of the young men who carried that dead child’s casket about what was truly going on with those girls and that child. Or does the truth get buried along with her out of sheer convenience of keeping “peace”?