This entry is in reference to the ongoing case of George Zimmerman, who I am still standing behind at this point.

Unfortunately, I predicted this would happen just the way it has gone down…….. long before this went down.  All I can say is that George has made some ‘enemies with “frenemies”‘  it appears.  I think poor old George is getting “ringed” by the group I tend to call the “sadistic estrogen collective.” I have another name, but I unfortunately can’t print it……. 🙂

I think George tried to do the right thing by his neighborhood, which cost a young man his life, and it made a few people angry that he would try and be a hero with a weapon, and now he’s getting “targeted” strategically by people who never seem to take responsibility for themselves, they just keep manipulating people and remain hostile while pulling strings in the background in an attempt to twist and turn the truth for their own benefit and status gain, which is what I think we see these women doing to you.

Hang in there George.  This is one person in America who sees you are getting targeted for trying to do the right thing in protecting your neighborhood from further harm.  Your hidden enemies are strategically attempting to make it look like you are a big “rule breaker” so they can twist and turn truth around to justify their sorry and sad existences and plot against you, and then make it look like it is your fault.

I walk that road every day, George, and I am the nicest person one would ever want to meet and the most unassuming and gentle human being alive.  I am living the same situation, George.  It’s intense, I know.  Men are definitely NOT high on my list right now, but being ultimately an intelligent and fair person that I am I think you should be given a fair shake.  

My advice to you:  Start using your head and choose the people you surround yourself with more carefully.  Make sure they weren’t “put in your life” to create chaos, be a PIA, (pain in….) and aren’t there to strategically set you up and make you look bad. 

There’s much afoot in Wonderland these days.

Our true heroes are few and far between.  We lost too much when Seal Team Six went down, when we lost the World Trade Center firefighters and policemen (entire departments) and people………..and unfortunately Leonidas and his 300 men happened just too far back in history to be of use to us right now.  We are losing all the good guys who defend us and we’re being left with a bunch of sociopaths who want to steal and hoard everything for themselves and make us into a violent third world country.

The good guys are getting squashed.  Hang in there.

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