I am empassioned to write today a response to the situation that has appeared in the news today regarding the police finding a boy handcuffed in his yard strapped to a dead chicken around his neck while the police are strategically summoned to answer a call about a missing pig.

The police acted appropriately in taking those children away from those sorry excuses for people.  We trust…….. that people who are in positions of care……..actually do care, but I have found that this is not so and this is proven in the article I am so empassioned to respond to today.

We expect, as Americans, that when you are paid a salary in a service sector position for the public, that you not be using disgusting symbolism to terrorize children into fear and submission to you, which is the part the police just seem to keep MISSING because they aren’t looking high enough.

Both of you together are a complete disgrace, but part of a much bigger issue that the police either don’t have a clue about, or are choosing to strategically IGNORE.

So take the time to UNDERSTAND THIS MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR so the police can finally CLUE IN to their disgusting CODE game:  KNOW THIS:  THAT CHICKEN…….. is going to put his giblets back in that you are trying to steal, and TAN your sorry backsides for the sorry excuses of human beings you actually are, and then GOOD PEOPLE are going to RISE………….. from California…….to Alaska…….to Hawaii…….even from the CAPITOL in WASHINGTON, D.C.,(now’s your chance to put your giblets back on Republicans and earn a bit of faith back from the American people-take the hint and run with it please) and they are going to make sure that those 5 children you have abused and terrorized HAVE THE MOST PERFECT AND WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS, even if they don’t celebrate it!!!  And they are going to do this—WHY??????–BECAUSE I SAID SO!!

THAT IS HOW THEY WILL EARN MY FORGIVENESS because THEY OWE ME AT LEAST THAT, and if you have any questions about it, you can ask that darn pig yourself, because guess what…………..THE PIG ISN’T MISSING  AFTER ALL.

And that folks…….are my thoughts below the glass on this day.

Stephanie, PROUDLY from MAINE

Link to articles:

http://www.witn.com/news/watercooler/headlines/NC-Social-Worker-Arrested-Child-Found-Cuffed-To-Porch-232299641.html accessed November 23, 2013

http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/11/16/21496912-boy-found-handcuffed-on-porch-with-dead-chicken-on-his-neck-police-say accessed November 22, 2013