In the news recently were articles of several entertainers who are going in front of Congress fighting for restrictions placed on paparazzi on nonconsensual photos taken of their children that exploits them, and their rights as human beings to have privacy rights protected.

I agree with them.  I do not believe that anyone should have to submit to unwanted photos taken of themselves, nor do I believe that people should be exploited without their consent especially children, whether it be in public places, in the privacy of their homes, or through inappropriate surveillance performed on them.

Our privacy rights get violated in inhumane ways that are illegal and demoralizing and are not fair to us as American citizens. Lack of privacy puts our lives at risk and rewards criminals who are then allowed to gain access to us without our consent.  When laws like HIPAA compliancy and the Patriot Act are used to exploit us wrongfully for government’s gain at our cost and subsequent degradation, they become………unconstitutional.

Congress should put limits on who has access to surveillance or what defines the rights of paparazzi, because living in a goldfish bowl with attackers gaining inappropriate access to you at any time is not only un-American, it is illegal.  Surveillance and/or paparazzi, as in the case of Princess Diana, is not supposed to be used to tell people what to steal, or to threaten and stalk people, it is supposed to be used to fight criminals——-not empower them behind the lenses.

In my experience, I have seen use of photos and surveillance and truth turned completely backwards, so that the criminals get away with the crimes depending on how they are “aligned”, and then the victims gets bullied and victimized into forced submission.  That is no way to lead a country, or a company, or a case.

I think that the children of celebrities should be protected and there should be restrictions put on paparazzi so that pictures of their children are not exploited to others. There should also be stricter laws regarding internet content and revenge porn so that people are not subsequently violated without their consent.  I have not seen the government act at all on these matters to fight for justice for us and failure to act, or nonfeasance, is also a form of guilt.

I think there should be further actions on perpetrators installing hidden cameras in bathrooms and military-grade surveillance coming in through the windows to private areas of peoples’ homes like bedrooms.  I also think that situations like the Zumba instructor in Kennebunk need handling as well.  She tried to convince a jury that she was on a case to find sexual deviants, but she was taping people nonconsensually in sexual acts and sending off the porn to another, which makes HER and the person who was benefiting from being the recipient of the sexual footage, THE DEVIANTS themselves.

We, the children and those who have been victims of unwanted photos, exploitation, and inappropriate footage taken of us, are left victims, until Congress acts to protect our privacy, not exploit us for someone else’s sexual power play at our expense.

It is a question of the appropriate use of surveillance, of the use of photos of us that we haven’t consented to be in, and of valuing the voice of the American people who are requiring more government controls and restrictions over how that content that contains us, is used, whether it is used to catch the true “bad guys” or whether it is being used to maniacally exploit and use us in ways that are inappropriate and violate us for a power play at both our, and our childrens’ expense.