News today says that no charges will be pressed on Mr. Zimmerman with regards to allegations of domestic abuse.  In this case, I believe again the correct decision was made.

My advice for you today, George……..lose the woman who is still calling you her “boyfriend”………. Stop being led by your pants and use your head, George!!!!

This woman set you up strategically for her own personal power trip because she wanted to establish “control” and you walked right into it.  She falsely told you she was pregnant to get her hooks in to you and keep you on her “leash”, she breaks your coffee table, claims you pulled a gun on her and has completely led you down the rosey path by putting you back in the public eye in a way you didn’t need.

Don’t be Pavlov’s dog and continue to salivate just because she says she wants you back.  The police have her on the telephone call blaming you as having the problem and now she wants to “not cooperate” because she suddenly “wants you back”……..

Catch on to the game, George…….her alignment is with others who don’t have your best interest at heart they only want to set you up and have you go without protection, which you need due to your circumstances………she doesn’t want you, really, she just wants the dominant control position so she can set you up again and have power and domination, try cost you your right to bear arms so her vicious alliance she’s aligned with can do you in or set you up somehow for blame that isn’t yours and try to cost you your public support…….

She’s targeting your right to protect yourself, which you need…….be smart, George.  See through it.

I deal with these people all the time in my life as well.  Do yourself a big favor, walk away and choose to be the bigger and better person……………..

That way the police focus on the real perpetrators, the people for whom she is choosing to do their bidding.

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