Thoughts today on Unemployment and SNAP reductions after the President’s Speech Thursday, Jan 30 2014 

After reading afterthoughts among news agencies on the President’s State of the Union address yesterday, I am compelled to write a response in my blog today about what it looks like from the bottom tier of the workforce looking up at our decision makers who have to decide in the next few weeks what they believe is the proper way to vote regarding funding unemployment extensions and food programs to continue to fund less fortunate people in our country.

I can’t help but recall reading about the Great Depression, and those who went to bed rich and wealthy one day, but arose the next day to be impoverished and broke because the stock market crashed and there were no government safeguards in place to protect their money in the event of a crash.  Imagine waking up to find that the thousands of dollars that were in your checking account are gone, and you, the account holder, are NEVER going to get them back.  That is what happened in 1929, and some of our Congressmen may actually remember those days and how their parents and lives were affected almost immediately.

I am someone personally who, through a variety of unfortunate circumstances not created by me, has been put in an unfortunate situation of currently being unemployed.  I am an extremely intelligent and perceptive person, who at this point in my life should rightfully be employed, have retirement planning, substantial income, and be enjoying a few comforts of living. But this has not been the life situation that has been dealt me fairly through the misgivings of underhanded people, thus I am one who must face the harsh realities of life and make choices that most others do not.

And even though I make the right ethical choices in life mostly and am a kind and caring person, it appears that I am challenged by those who forever make the wrong ethical choices for themselves, and who then cover for that fact at my expense in every possible manner. Thus I am in a situation where I have had to come to rely on the system and the safeguards that have been able to assist me.

If one has ever seen the movie Schindler’s List and remembers the scene with the boy peering up from the hole he is hiding in with waste surrounding him, one can begin to emotionally feel what it is like being hit so hard in this current economic period and then forced into uncomfortable, stressful, negative experiences thus having to find every way possible to survive it.  The look on that boy’s face in the movie says so much about the struggle and the will to survive.  But I am one person who just has a simple blog, my voice does not carry any weight in the world……..

But if I could reach a Congressman’s ears, this is what I would write………..There are millions of people right now without work in my same position, and most of them are not out of work by choice. Most people right now out of work WANT to be working with a good job under an excellent employer, but those positions are only being given to a “select” few who align with a certain thought process……….and the rest of us, who may have excellent skills and do an excellent job, are being passed over for others who are less educated, less experienced, and often less skilled at times.

Thus, is it extremely hurtful to be in the job market when we are “black-balled” or used unfairly and then forced to rely on government intervention and safeguard programs, (especially at a time when we have an artic snap that blasts the country with cold and have to pay to heat our homes), and at the same time we lose both unemployment compensation as a source of income and then hear that the federal food supplement program is also going to be cut substantially as well.

So now, those of us  at the bottom of the workforce who want to be earning our own way ourselves and are capable of doing so with the proper intervention or assistance, now are in a position where we are being strategically and unfairly overlooked.  Thus, we cannot heat our homes, get our bills paid on time, or buy groceries, because the employers and the government have control of our rights to thrive and are cutting us out of the workforce, while those who work under them watch us diligently become more and more reliant on a government funding system that we don’t want to have to rely on in the first place.  It creates a forced submission position and robs us of our coveted rights to freedom that make us the democracy for which we so pride ourselves.

So when I hear comments being made about cuts to these safeguard programs, I can’t help but see the unfairness and strategy of it when the President then turns and advocates for raises his State workers, who are already working.  The President did advocate for unemployment, so I am not calling the President unfair, what I am saying is if you choose to raise the wages of those working, but you don’t fund these programs for the less fortunate—-unemployment compensation and food supplement programs, you are going to discriminate and exclude those who will then have empty homes with burst pipes, increased crime, starving families, homelessness and the need for more grant-funded programs to assist people, which are also currently getting cut.  People will have to rely on churches, and charity rather than having their own independence.  Failure to fund these programs, robs the people of their self sufficiency.

This situation will end up costing the government more money in healthcare costs and public housing and free school lunch programs, and ultimately destroy the buying and spending power of the average American citizen who will then be relied upon to sustain family members put into these unfortunate situations.  Less buying and spending power for the people means companies will eventually feel the ripple in their lack of sales and profits will plunder.  More people will turn to drugs and alcohol as a means for escape, and thus children will ultimately pay that price as their parents fund themselves with illegal substances, rather than put the money they do get, where it needs to go.  It will create a “negative” reinforcement situation and cause system wide problems in other areas.  People, as they lose their jobs or retire, will become more and more dependent on the systems in place for aid at the government level which are not guaranteed to be there for us, which ultimately leads to and makes us a less free society.

Preceeding World War II, groups of people Hitler wanted to cast from his country for his creation of the supreme race, were denied rights to thrive. He strategically prevented them from thriving, took away their jobs, and they were forced over a period of time to live with less and less food, clothing, and adequate shelter over their heads, until he built his concentration camps and exterminated them all together.

And if you ask surviving Holocaust victims what the worst part of WWII was, some would say that it was the treatment by the Germans, the ones who weren’t Nazi, rather the ones with the nice houses and food on the table who stood there watching it happen across the fence and in their backyard, and who did nothing about it as the certain people were separated.  Even Queen Elizabeth II remembers ordering rationing for her country to help feed one another during this period in England, so that community wealth took care of everyone, not just a certain group of people.  And that is what showed that England was still free, that all people took care of all people and wealth was distributed equally despite differences in philosophy, differences in lifestyle, and difference in economic societal circles.

So now is Congress’ chance to show and prove what we as the United States of America are going to stand for roughly 80 years later when faced with a similar dilemma regarding their positions on caring for people and the way to vote, and whether we have learned anything from those who survived both the Great Depression and the World War II era.   It was from these situations that economic safeguards were put in place to ensure public confidence in the Government.  It is those safeguards which are being challenged this day, and how Congress votes is a very important message for the American people about where we are headed. Some of our older Congressman can relate stories from this time period in our history, because they have LIVED IT firsthand, where we have not.

This vote speaks to more than just unemployment or food supplements, it should speak to everyone regardless of economic societal status, because these programs came about from our government’s experiences from past situations, to ensure that we could take care of ourselves as a country after learning what wasn’t available for us as safeguards during the Great Depression.

In the era of the Great Depression, men who were rich one day woke up the very next day broke with no way to pay their living expenses when the stock market crashed in 1929.  If anyone in Congress remembers those days from their youth, they will remember that the poverty that was created for the average American wasn’t about being “lazy”, or any less of a person, or singling out a race of people……….what it IS about is learning that the Government can better take care of having certain failsafe parameters in place in case there is an economic collapse. That is what they are voting to fund NOW……..they are voting to fund safeguards for themselves, their children, their relatives, and for those who currently need those benefits, so that if in a month they themselves end up in a similar position with a loss of income, they know that they have government assistance to be able to intervene to help them survive independently.

Otherwise………..we are no smarter as a government than we were 80 and 90 years ago when those safeguards were not in place the first time and people lost dearly with nothing to help them remain independent. THAT is what they are voting on.

Congress has voting coming up on whether to continue to fund those who are trying to find jobs with extended benefits of unemployment compensation………….or whether to look the other way and do nothing and choose to leave people stranded, as well as whether to keep food supplement programs in the system to feed families who depend on them, or whether to axe it and let them starve without government conscience.

This isn’t a question of laziness of the people, which less educated people want to claim………….it is a moral question of government taking care of your people and making the educated choice by choosing, like England did in WWII, to publicly ration the wealth appropriately.  We can choose, as a government whether to ration our wealth as a free and democratic society………..or we can choose to be like Germany in WWII………… and discriminate who thrives.

We have elder Congressman who remember those days………fortunately.  We have the good fortune of having people in power who LIVED the stories and the suffering we hear.  They can recount to those of us who are younger what life was like without any government safeguards, and the lessons learned.  They have lived in those times,  they watched the Great Depression happen to their parents, and they have seen firsthand what we only hear about in books.  That is why we put them in Congress………….. and this is their legacy………….

I would like to think that Congress has learned something from some of them living in the years of 1929-1950. That is why we rely on our elder Congressmen for wisdom handed down, and why they are in office still, because they have actually LIVED the stories and they have actually FOUGHT in the trenches when there wasn’t enough heat, money, or food to go around. They have LIVED those times………………..and now we need and ask their life experience and ask them to vote to keep the safeguards in place that don’t allow those circumstances to happen……again.

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Poem inspired by Violence this Week in the Ukraine, the US and Egypt Saturday, Jan 25 2014 

I dream of a world without bloodshed, a world without violence or tears,
A world where there is no darkness or sadists who live just to play on our fears.
I dream of a world where we unite, in common growth and a hope for greater good,
and an end to all this indecent suffering, so we can all live equally as we all should.

God did not intend us to fuel a war based solely on which son was sacrificed,…..
..can you imagine if we all just let that go, and focused on what was ethically right?

I dream of a world where enemies can work out differences, where peace can come to an accord, where righteous men aren’t afraid to stand for what is just, without the need of a gun, a bomb, a drone, or the swift hand of a sword.

These days we see a world blanketed in darkness, and it isn’t about color of your skin,
it is about bad people among us, and what disgusting color line or ghetto you are going to be forced in.
The world right now isn’t about helping your fellow-man, it is about who you can hurt, retaliate on and screw,
and when you try your best to contribute, the bad guys continue to find a way to excommunicate, exploit, and terrorize you.

I dream of a world without terrorism, without famine, without pestilence, without theft,a world where we can all thrive equally and fairly, and not be left helpless, downtrodden, and bereft.

For some of us have been victim of the event cascade, the sadistic chain that’s predetermined by a vicious select few, who thrive on power, retaliation, lust and greed, and who don’t have a conscious about the people for whom they screw.

Some of us sit and watch the truth turn backwards, a victim of the villains who turn the blame inside out then upside down, hidden chains that force us all into corners and prevent truth and justice from coming around.
For who knew that one day we’d be thrust into this darkness, a world where our thoughts just don’t seem to count,
a world where our very essence is just stolen away, and they use false litigation to victimize who they perpetrate that the damage takes years to successfully mount.

And the real heroes just get villainized and demonized, the credit and blame gets turned completely around,
then false stories and allegations get thrust into the mainstream and untruths get spread abound.
Apparently, we live life as a free “pay-per-view” channel, for the sadists who make us live out the hunger games, but see they already know the ending, because they concocted it beforehand so we get damaged, while their lives remain thus unchanged.

But I still dream of a world without bloodshed, a world without violence or tears, a world where children aren’t killing children, with peace that continues for years. I dream of a world without borders, where people can safely board planes, without any evil empires, or colluding to hold back our right to financially gain.

I dream of a world not spinning backward, sending us far back into the dark ages,
still bent on crippling the lost tribe of Benjamin, and then hunting down and destroying the artifacts and historical pages.
I dream of a world without bigots, who only believe that there is one supreme race, for if we all hadn’t collaborated equally, we would have never built the pyramids, or even set foot into outer space.

I dream of world where all people have shelter, clean water and hugs abound,
and there is enough honest money to be made and successfully passed around.
I wish that day-to-day could be the spirit of Christmas, a good deed done for your fellow-man,
and for those who are less fortunate, we could all choose to reach out a helping hand.

For it is our greatness in coming together that makes us stronger as a world you see, and not the chaos that’s created from evil, that tears apart everything we could potentially be.
For here is a much greater gnosis, that we can lift the world from the darkness abounding,
that good can win over evil, and that there can be financial recovery and rebounding.

I live in a world where justice is turning backward. The system is corrupted, retaliatory and unfair,
where ruthless people only want power and control, but not genuinely to protect us, heal us, or to share.
But I also believe in heroism, in being the bigger man, while bullies attempt to belittle and degrade you,
and continue to distract you from reaching out your hand.

In prosperity all our friends know us, but in adversity we find out who truly cares,
the assault that never stops happening, the hidden truths that they don’t allow shared.
You see, it’s funny how your oppressors seek to hide the truth,
because they’ve spent so much time creating fabrications,
that they don’t want you to know the other side of the story, which will cast the doubt on their justifications.

I dream of a world where enemies can work out differences, where peace can come to an accord,
where righteous men aren’t afraid to stand for what is just, without a gun, a bomb, a drone, or the swift hand of a sword.

I dream of a world without bloodshed, a world without violence or tears,
A world where there is no darkness or sadists who live just to play on our fears.
I dream of a world where we unite, in common growth and a hope for the greater good,
and an end to all this indecent suffering, so we can all live equally as we all should.

And this isn’t just for America, this is for every single nation,
that we can all learn to work to undo injustice, and stand for all God’s creation.
So in closing of my lines of poetry, I would just like to solemnly state,
that even though we have been thus cast into darkness, I believe that we can return to being great!

There is one promise I can make to you, that my enemies surely can’t,
on the truth I will be the one who can pass the lie-detector test
…………..and that has my oppressors shaking in their pants….

But it takes all of us to get the lever spinning back in the right direction, to get the blame going back the right way, so good can overtake evil and our brethren be free from strategic chaos and constant disarray.
But I am just one person, being strategically undermined and oppressed by the bad guys you see,
my life is their sadistic manipulation, political fixers who decide what they think the truth should be.

But I will not stop dreaming, it is the one thing they couldn’t violate from me,
and I dream big for everyone, across every land and see.
From Maine, for Kiev, for Egypt, even for the great Atlantis hidden under the sea,
I will never stop dreaming, of a better world……..that potentially our world could be.

You can rob, violate, victimize and ruin me……….bring it… you have in every way,
but there is ONE thing that I will promise you……
…..the world is going to one day see a brighter day.

For I dream of a world where enemies can work out differences, where peace can come to an accord,
where righteous men aren’t afraid to stand for what is just,
without a gun, a bomb, a drone, or the swift hand of a sword.

Written by Stephanie Dow

Reference to Literary Work:

Collins, Suzanne. (2008). the hunger games. New York, NY: Scholastic Press. ISBN-10: 9780439023528

Thoughts regarding the policeman who fired shots at the van with kids…… Saturday, Jan 18 2014 

This is going to be a very heated debate on a nationwide level, but after viewing the situation of evidence from the squad car that is irrefutable, I do believe that the officer was attempting to get an out-of-control situation, created solely by the woman driver’s actions………..under control.

She should not have exited the vehicle in the manner in which she did and then try to run from the arrest, and the person on the other side of the vehicle should also not have exited the vehicle to create the threatening situation for the officers. The officers were doing their jobs in a nonthreatening manner at the time of the video and trying to give her a ticket, and they were not behaving inappropriately when they approached the vehicle.  The officers were in the right, the family was in the wrong in this case.  The media…….once again, brainwashed the public with sensational headlines to spread fear and mistrust, but the officers, in this case, behaved appropriately.

The officer was attempting to get the situation with the erratic driver under control…..appropriately. The actions of the driver’s erratic behavior along with her children’s attempts to attack the police caused the escalation of emotion at the scene, and the officer tried to take out the tire with his gun to prevent the woman from escaping the scene of arrest yet again, which was his duty, which she should not have done.  She is the one that caused the reckless endangerment of her children with her actions.  The fact that there were children in the van is irrelevant unfortunately, because the children could just as easily have been armed with weapons, as we are seeing in the public schools.

But it was not the tire’s fault either (humor), it was clearly the woman’s fault………..the scene had escalated because of the woman who began creating problems inappropriately to escape the arrest. She, obviously, did not have any concern for those children in her care inside the van, when she intentionally escalated the situation to the point where it went out of control.  The son should have never exited the vehicle. The family…….not the officer, was wrong.

It is clear to see from the film that the officer was trying to stop her from fleeing the scene and avoiding arrest. He acted on training and instinct, and I believe that he does deserve his job back in this instance.

Link to article:

Thoughts on the young lady who was raped, filmed, exploited and then committed suicide Saturday, Jan 18 2014 

If the NSA wants to redeem itself from the accusations of impropriety with regards to surveillance, it should focus on complete prosecution of all people involved in the sexual assault and subsequent footage trafficking of Ms. Potts, who not only was a victim of rape, but was raped again and again each time the footage circulated of her to the next person. That would put all of their “surveillance gathering” to good use on behalf of the American people…….

Time to act on the rapists and create laws that punish the traffickers to the highest extent possible. The rape victim deserved to have a peaceful environment in which to heal. This was never going to happen because of the actions of her perpetrators, in this case, those who circulated the footage as well as those who physically committed the assault.

This is one reason that the military is seeing such an increase in sexual assault reports. This past reporting period saw the US Military reports of sexual assault cases increase to 5500 reports. These are only reports of those who have come forward………..not any information from those who are remaining silent about the abuse.

The people violating others bring their footage collections into workplaces, they send them to their friends, they give them to children, and mail them out to complete strangers. You can bet that the NSA, with all the monitoring they have done, can pinpoint the “bad guys” who are doing it.  The result is what we are seeing, which is an increase in sexual violence in this country and not just from men, but from sexually-charged women as well who feast on and traffic the footage to bully the victim even more.

So what we need in America, are real leaders in power to create laws that take action against our perpetrators and enslavers, rather than allow them to sit there enjoying the porn video that rapes and violates us over and over again without our consent……….

Please read the article on this girl who has died after taking her own life from being so victimized and traumatized by sexual assault. It could be you, your child, your friend, or your spouse.   Some of us……… would like to think that our founding fathers wanted something better for our country than to be one gigantic sexual slavery operation spinning out of control.  Some of us……….. would still like our country to be more than that.  Some of us………. don’t want men and women fighting in the armed services risking life and limb for what has been termed “freedom” when all they are fighting for are a bunch of porn-thirsty rapists with no moral code.

………..but that would take real men with the courage to take a damn stand to restore America.


Poem by Nicholas Gordon Tuesday, Jan 14 2014 

The pain will never go away;
The wound will never heal.
The evil that was done to you
Is now your eyes, your heart.
The black will never turn to gray;
The blood will not congeal.
The violence is never through;
The past does not depart.

Time will merely make you whole,
Consuming what you are:
Part sufferer, part comforter,
Part victim, part new song;

Part mother of an angry soul,
Part child of despair,
Part witness and part conqueror
Of all that did you wrong.

reprinted by site permission of author Nicholas Gordon


This young man deserves the Nobel prize Saturday, Jan 11 2014 

Reference to the Article

Just when one has lost faith, one hears of true heroes who do the right thing, and not just stand there.

Such is the story of this 17-year-old young man who diffused a suicide bomber in Pakistan. Although posthumously, this young man deserves the recognition for doing the right thing despite all risks to himself and all odds. May the world realize that sometimes heroes come in small packages and are unlikely people…………and when you read every day in the news about teenagers and mass killings, it is enlightening to know that there are still good kids out there who do the right thing, even when it comes at a great sacrifice to themselves.  It reminds me of the plane that didn’t reach its destination on 9/11 because the passengers chose to act.

And many parents in Pakistan are hugging their kids tonight because of the actions of this one brave young man………..may we all have those kind of heroes in our lives somewhere.

Although my voice carries no weight in the world, I believe that he should be awarded the Nobel prize, or at least be nominated as his family should be very proud.

Steph, Stephanie, or…….. Stef Monday, Jan 6 2014 

Stef is like a morning after rain:
The sun smiles on a fresh, rebaptized Earth.
Errant wonders capture this rebirth,
Praising God for simple loveliness.
Her heart does not undo itself in vain.

Reprinted by permission from Nicholas Gordon

Stephanie finds her wreath in pain:
To her, the greatest happiness is giving.
Each moment that her love flows like a wound
Places all creation in her heart.
How can she crave the sun while in the rain
silent, suffering soul lies barely living?
Nor can her thoughts with nature be attuned
In a world where children’s brains are blown apart.
Even so, her words are sweet and sane.

Reprinted by permission from Nicholas Gordon

There is No Armor We Can Wear……..Nicholas Gordon Monday, Jan 6 2014 

There is No Armor We Can Wear

There is no armor we can wear,
No wall or fortress we can build,
No force of arms, no shield of fear
To equal what the heart has willed.

No wall or fortress we can build
Can stop a soul on vengeance bent,
Can equal what the heart has willed,
A purpose pure, of dark intent.

Can stop a soul on vengeance bent,
Death for death and pain for pain,
A purpose pure, of dark intent
To kill for grace and not for gain.

Death for death and pain for pain:
The lust to purge oneself of grief,
To kill for grace and not for gain
That anguish might find some relief.

The lust to purge oneself of grief
Must yield in turn an answering lust.
That anguish might find some relief,
We’d turn an Eden into dust.

Must yield in turn an answering lust,
Hate to hate set groove on groove.
We’d turn an Eden into dust
To turn away the face we love.

Hate to hate set groove on groove,
No force of arms, no shield of fear.
To turn away the face we love
There is no armor we can wear.

Reprinted by permission a poem by Nicholas Gordon


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