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Just when one has lost faith, one hears of true heroes who do the right thing, and not just stand there.

Such is the story of this 17-year-old young man who diffused a suicide bomber in Pakistan. Although posthumously, this young man deserves the recognition for doing the right thing despite all risks to himself and all odds. May the world realize that sometimes heroes come in small packages and are unlikely people…………and when you read every day in the news about teenagers and mass killings, it is enlightening to know that there are still good kids out there who do the right thing, even when it comes at a great sacrifice to themselves.  It reminds me of the plane that didn’t reach its destination on 9/11 because the passengers chose to act.

And many parents in Pakistan are hugging their kids tonight because of the actions of this one brave young man………..may we all have those kind of heroes in our lives somewhere.

Although my voice carries no weight in the world, I believe that he should be awarded the Nobel prize, or at least be nominated as his family should be very proud.