If the NSA wants to redeem itself from the accusations of impropriety with regards to surveillance, it should focus on complete prosecution of all people involved in the sexual assault and subsequent footage trafficking of Ms. Potts, who not only was a victim of rape, but was raped again and again each time the footage circulated of her to the next person. That would put all of their “surveillance gathering” to good use on behalf of the American people…….

Time to act on the rapists and create laws that punish the traffickers to the highest extent possible. The rape victim deserved to have a peaceful environment in which to heal. This was never going to happen because of the actions of her perpetrators, in this case, those who circulated the footage as well as those who physically committed the assault.

This is one reason that the military is seeing such an increase in sexual assault reports. This past reporting period saw the US Military reports of sexual assault cases increase to 5500 reports. These are only reports of those who have come forward………..not any information from those who are remaining silent about the abuse.

The people violating others bring their footage collections into workplaces, they send them to their friends, they give them to children, and mail them out to complete strangers. You can bet that the NSA, with all the monitoring they have done, can pinpoint the “bad guys” who are doing it.  The result is what we are seeing, which is an increase in sexual violence in this country and not just from men, but from sexually-charged women as well who feast on and traffic the footage to bully the victim even more.

So what we need in America, are real leaders in power to create laws that take action against our perpetrators and enslavers, rather than allow them to sit there enjoying the porn video that rapes and violates us over and over again without our consent……….

Please read the article on this girl who has died after taking her own life from being so victimized and traumatized by sexual assault. It could be you, your child, your friend, or your spouse.   Some of us……… would like to think that our founding fathers wanted something better for our country than to be one gigantic sexual slavery operation spinning out of control.  Some of us……….. would still like our country to be more than that.  Some of us………. don’t want men and women fighting in the armed services risking life and limb for what has been termed “freedom” when all they are fighting for are a bunch of porn-thirsty rapists with no moral code.

………..but that would take real men with the courage to take a damn stand to restore America.