This is going to be a very heated debate on a nationwide level, but after viewing the situation of evidence from the squad car that is irrefutable, I do believe that the officer was attempting to get an out-of-control situation, created solely by the woman driver’s actions………..under control.

She should not have exited the vehicle in the manner in which she did and then try to run from the arrest, and the person on the other side of the vehicle should also not have exited the vehicle to create the threatening situation for the officers. The officers were doing their jobs in a nonthreatening manner at the time of the video and trying to give her a ticket, and they were not behaving inappropriately when they approached the vehicle.  The officers were in the right, the family was in the wrong in this case.  The media…….once again, brainwashed the public with sensational headlines to spread fear and mistrust, but the officers, in this case, behaved appropriately.

The officer was attempting to get the situation with the erratic driver under control…..appropriately. The actions of the driver’s erratic behavior along with her children’s attempts to attack the police caused the escalation of emotion at the scene, and the officer tried to take out the tire with his gun to prevent the woman from escaping the scene of arrest yet again, which was his duty, which she should not have done.  She is the one that caused the reckless endangerment of her children with her actions.  The fact that there were children in the van is irrelevant unfortunately, because the children could just as easily have been armed with weapons, as we are seeing in the public schools.

But it was not the tire’s fault either (humor), it was clearly the woman’s fault………..the scene had escalated because of the woman who began creating problems inappropriately to escape the arrest. She, obviously, did not have any concern for those children in her care inside the van, when she intentionally escalated the situation to the point where it went out of control.  The son should have never exited the vehicle. The family…….not the officer, was wrong.

It is clear to see from the film that the officer was trying to stop her from fleeing the scene and avoiding arrest. He acted on training and instinct, and I believe that he does deserve his job back in this instance.

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