On a quiet long street, on a peaceful wooded lane,

the snow falls gently upon the window pane.

The wintry flowing winds scatter wisplike flakes around,

and the calm night air brings the silent hush and lack of sound.

A Nor’Easter they are calling it,  it’s the Big One they say,

and as you look to the sky you are lulled by the matte shade of grey.

As picturesque as a sunset, like a breath of fresh air,

a sting on your nose as you leave your face bare.

Salt and sand on a path do slowly get laid,

as plows and lights come forth in loud parade.

And families sit together by the fire’s glow,

enjoying the overlaying of the fresh, crisp, white snow.

And as people prepare for another wintry snowfall,

and footprints get brought in and left right down the hall.

A cup of warmed chocolate is filled to the rim,

as the new laden snow whitens each outreached limb.

So this Valentine’s Day many will stay right at home,

and shovel or build a snowman, under this white-capped dome.

A blustery day again tomorrow shall be,

as we are all buried under this non-ending white sea.

Composed by Stephanie D.