Utah mom buys all of store’s ‘indecent’ t-shirts

A mother entered a store that markets clothing to teenagers and saw some inappropriate T-Shirts with nearly naked young girls on it and she bought every T-shirt in the store to keep them out of the hands of the young people who might buy them when the store refused to remove them from the shelf.

Her mistake is that the store is going to now show profit from her purchase, thus increasing sales flow and cash accounting on that particular item on the profit and loss statement, which will now show that “sex positively sells.” Her actions have actually undermined her intent, which was to stop their sale and prevent them from getting into the hands of young people. Even if she returns the shirts at a later date, it doesn’t matter, they will be sold at a discounted rate after she returns them because the company, according to the comments of the staff, just doesn’t care, it is a product they want to willfully sell.

The companies are not going to care until we MAKE them care, because truthfully, they only care about what makes a profit for them and frankly, there are a whole bunch of scumbags enjoying the porn display and rewarding the kids or adults who give it to them, who don’t truly care about the influence and damage that those shirts are having on us as a society. I philosophically agree with the mother on this issue on removing them from view, however she didn’t do the right thing in the end regarding profit and loss.

On an aside, given the fact that the Sports Illustrated magazine, which is a non-pornographic magazine supposedly, comes as close as possible legally to child porn as well and fails to be a valid message about sports, sporting events, or about beautiful swimsuits, I really think the men and some of the women in this country need to re-evaluate their priorities when it comes to the message being sent to young girls and how and why they are valued.

Unfortunately, the problems and issues have reached the federal government workforce as well. If we allow ourselves to be undermined by a big, perverted bad “cop”, we make a statement to the world about ourselves and what we value.

So don’t buy the T-Shirts and increase profit for these people or their companies, instead teach your children not to take the porn in the first place, and when the shirts don’t sell from the shelves, THAT will make a statement.

What is also unfortunate in our society, is that children are being taught that porn that is “stolen” or trafficked is okay and that it is acceptable to violate and hurt innocent people without their consent. I have to wonder what type of adults would train a child to traffic porn for them turning the child into the “molester”. I also have to wonder what type of adult would torture children and teach them how to commit acts of terrorism on people just for fun either through footage dispersed without their consent, or mass killing, etc.

Those are the only very same young people who would be purchasing these T-Shirts in the first place……..better and wiser young people wouldn’t make the purchase to begin with from the store.

It reflects on our leaders, which is unfortunate. It’s about proper and truthful accountability for actions, which apparently, some of the country is lacking right now.

I am not a prude, truthfully I like to have fun as much as the next person, but I also believe you have a whole group of people out there who seem to be able to consume every ill and get away with it without any intervention, while the rest of us are left suffering with blame that isn’t ours to shoulder, and it shouldn’t be that way.

The way to teach young people to be good people is through accountability for their actions, and to teach them right from wrong and that there is accountability for lack of boundaries. Right now I only see them being taught how to turn blame on the wrong person, set people up and then laugh about it, which causes a huge moral and ethical issue for every person at some point in this country.

The issue plaguing us as Americans, as well as other countries, goes beyond just the inappropriate T-Shirts, it is a message about where we are heading as a country, as a society, and the sanctity and value of our humanity, our contributions, and the human condition.

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