I am the Voice of the Ones that you’ve wasted,

lives shattered and left in despair,

that counted that you’d stand among us,

protect us and always be there.


I am the Voices of those who haunt your night dreams,

the dust and ashes that you used then left behind.

The ones who were left but a memory,

the bodies of which you will never find.


I am the men of Seal Team Six,

who rose to the country’s aid.

For when the remote control was triggered,

the bird came down just soon after the Bin Laden raid.


I am the voices of the Trade Center victims,

you made a ship from what’s left of my bones.

The ones who didn’t get to kiss their loved ones goodbye,

or make it back to their families and homes.


I am the soldiers in Afghanistan killed by friendly fire,

devoted my life to my country you see,

but the enemy stands right beside us,

preventing our country from maintaining democracy.


I am the Voice from the Ones that You’ve Wasted,

the voice silenced when no one came,

the ones that you’ve exploited,

and left alone for the dirty cat box in shame.


I am the souls of the many soldiers,

the firemen and police who gave their lives too,

but in the end it doesn’t matter how much we care,

because it’s us they are just going to screw.


I am the Voices from the Ones that you’ve left behind,

the mistakes you caused you aren’t held responsible for,

but one day, you’ll see my voice counted,

and that will be the day the ones that haunt you will try to settle the score.


A Poem by Stephanie Dow