Georgia has recently passed a bill that would allow citizens with licenses to carry guns with live ammunition into schools and churches and that this behavior would have to be tolerated.

Although I believe that we have the right to bear arms, I do not believe that a church or a school is the proper place to have to allow a gun.  The intimidation factor given all the recent events involving guns in school and churches that killed people should send a big enough message that America is not ready to be forced to allow them into schools and churches without a significant fear factor being present as well in the population.

Because of the fear and intimidation factor, the safe environment that these entities promote will be tarnished by men who are granted licenses who feel that they have something to prove or control, rather than to protect the safety of people.  A church is really not the venue for a bunch of men to “pull their guns out of their holsters and measure the barrels to see who has the longest.” Neither is a child’s school desk.

I believe that the man behind this bill needs to be voted out of office, and the law to be amended.  You should never have to carry a gun into a place of worship, or a location with children.  That is the job of the police dept. only.

Not everyone with a gun license will be responsible.  Some will have motive for wanting the gun, and this is just what this country doesn’t need right now………….guns in the hands of more bullies who like to create chaos out of a sick need to control.

It would be better not to create the opportunity for injustice, some of us still believe in Democracy and the rights to freedom, which seems to elude us more and more these days with the passing of these laws that seem to only favor a certain few.  People will stop going to church if men start showing up with guns, but maybe that was the intent and agenda of the person who created the bill in the first place.