A great lady, my Nana, has passed today,

death came suddenly and took her away.

I played her some lullabies as she went from this life,

a devoted grandmother, mother and wife.


I cried tears for my Nana as she went from this earth,

to let a great lady know of her unfathomable worth.

I am unsure how it happened, she was too far from me,

but I understand that she went very peacefully.


I remember her corn fritters, they tasted sublime,

and February vacations one year at a time,

Biscuits and fiddleheads, I loved what she cooked,

and playing cribbage with my grandparents, on the game I got hooked.


Almost a centennarian, just short by two years,

for the grand Matriarch today I shed solemn tears.

So I silently sang her some lullabies to help her on her way,

as the heavens opened their doors for my Nana today.


She saw two World Wars, the dutiful wife as my grandfather served,

she didn’t always get the recognition she deserved.

She was a staunch and proud lady always dressed to the nines,

A working class mother borne near the Canadian lines.


She remembered Adolf  Hitler and Kennedy’s assassination,

and she saw the Great Depression and the rebirth of our nation.

And no matter what life brought her she kept right on going,

her inner strength and kindess toward me just continued showing.


And today her life peacefully and quietly drew to a close,

The faithful beautiful daughter of Henry and Rose.

and I am bereft thinking of the history she took with her,

the beautiful spunky lady…..I love her and I will miss her.