The VA has shortages on mental health care staffing??? ……….hmmmm………. Sunday, May 25 2014 

Well, let’s see………….where do I begin on THIS one………..

I think I am DEFINITELY going to chime right in on this one………

Wow, I have been sitting home for the last ten years………applying several times to the local VA, to all the area hospitals, and to medical facilities since I have twenty year’s experience as a highly skilled and successful medical secretary/medical biller/medical transcriptionist/medical assistant/allied health educator and……… guess what?   I don’t even get an interview usually………..not even after completing a Master’s in Business Administration with a focus on Health Systems Management where I did very well and was on the higher end of my class, because I am conveniently excluded and discriminated against by the faustian game the professionals play sitting back allowing life to come at the wrong person’s expense for their convenience so they all can have someone to piss on in their cat box………. and NOW, I am hearing that these facilities are not providing quality care…….or hardly providing care at all to the men and women who have served our country and are in distress and need assistance?

Shame…………..on you!!!!!!  Apparently it is more important in life to collect and traffic their phone porn videos to upload than to come to the aid of another human being………

I have enough coursework in my background to be working any position I would like, and I am sitting home not even being granted an interview………so that insurance companies can bank loads of money………..while soldiers get turned away from intervention they need that gets cut short or they go homeless……….and then we expect these guys to want to go back out there and fight and risk their lives for us??????

So being someone who also suffers from trauma/stress/anxiety disorders, I would just like to say that I am NOT  licensed in any way other than as an educator, possessing a certificate in medical transcription, many psychology courses, and a Master’s Degree, but if ANY one of those veterans wants to write me about what they are experiencing and with what they need assistance…………I will gladly respond in a timely manner, I would teach my coping mechanisms I have developed over the course of my life, share my condition, and speak openly about what has worked for me and what hasn’t worked in the hopes that it might assist even one person in some manner, and then take time to help them develop a course of action to give them what support I can.    I’d send in a résumé, but since I have sent over 100 résumés to healthcare facilities recently including the VA, I will let the healthcare facilities come find ME!

And guess what……….I won’t trash them, mock them, screw them over, or otherwise publicly degrade them and then find reasons to exclude them like some people do.

And guess why……………because I actually care and have a conscience………..that’s why!!!!!

If you need help with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, stress, etc. I will be right here.  I will get a PO Box and put an address onto my WordPress blog.  Give me about a week or so and I will post an address for any veteran or soldier to write to, and you can write me about what is going on that makes coping difficult, and if I can teach and pass on skills that have worked for me that might assist someone……….then I will have done a good thing……..I am not sure if this would help, but I will put my best foot forward for you and give it my best effort…..

I will be back to you by the first week in June with an address for corresponding and it will cost the soldiers NOTHING but the cost of postage, ………..hang on………


Link to the article:

Wood, David.  (2014).  VA Mental Healthcare Delays, Staff Shortages, Plague Veterans.


Poem Sunday, May 4 2014 

And today the melodies quietly draw to a close,

locked in an endless silence that nobody comprehends or knows.

Therefore in the ice castle no music shall flow,

no piano keys shall play and no melodies shall grow.


Some in their greed tries to flip the attractor,

to cover their own wrongs while using her as the distractor.

Some people are free, but some others are not,

and we hold back the tears that we’ve endlessly fought.


And in the distance the ivories sit quietly by,

and wait for the day she can give them a try.

A rose losing petals sits underneath the glass dome,

as a beast sits forever en guard in his home.


A costly oppression that no one did see,

as the rose sits in chains in full view and unfree.

Its faustian cost was the game that was played by some men,

then the glass dome was further sealed off by dishonest women.


And today the melodies quietly draw to a close,

locked in an endless silence that nobody comprehends or knows.

Therefore in the ice castle no music shall flow,

no piano keys shall play and no melodies shall grow.


A Poem by Stephanie D.









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