My last post was about lack of available care for soldiers with anxiety and stress related disorders.  I promised that I would post an address for you to mail letters to if you need a helping hand with stress, anxiety and PTSD.  I have put my federal tax refund to good work here in renting a PO Box, so this way the government can take some of the credit too for any intervention I can provide that might assist you.

I am not a doctor, please read my previous post about my background.  But based upon my knowledge of Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA, and known psychology models of behavior from being a successful educator, I have developed my own personal program with which to assist me and compartmentalize my own issues and condition so that I can function in society to the best of my ability, and I am reaching out in case what I have developed for myself  might help someone else who suffers from that condition.  I struggle internally with anxiety every day, and it is ongoing, but turning that into a positive to assist someone else would make something good happen out of a bad situation.

I know that there is a shortage of people in mental health care, and I know that many people who work at the VA and various hospitals do a great job and are dedicated individuals.  I truly don’t want to undermine their work or their dedication, but if you are unable to get assistance from them first, or its not working………. then write to me.

If you are in the service and suffer from this, if you feel that you can’t get assistance for one reason or another, I would be glad to share what has worked for me with you in the hopes that I might be of service in some small way to say “thank you” every day for risking yourself to protect the country……which includes me, from harm.

Please only write if you have a true situation and need assistance, I want to spend time helping those who truly need my time and not have prankster letters that pull me away from someone who might need me.

And once again thank you for your service to our country.

All that I ask in return is that you please include a pre-stamped addressed return envelope  with your letter inside the outer envelope so that I can get it back to you quickly.   

Here is my address:

Stephanie Dow

PO Box 167

Biddeford, ME  04005