I am responding tonight to the article posted today regarding a photo of  three professional people using the Washington Monument, a symbol of American strength, as a phallus and then uploading it as a joke.  This was not a random case of a photo making it onto the internet without someone’s consent, this was an intentionally derogatory and crude message being sent by people who are in power positions over children underneath them, and as far as I am concerned, they should permanently lose their licenses for it.

The “pervertedly sexualized” distortion of the message of the picture is not the only problem here, the rest of the problem is the “sexually perverted” use of an American status icon that symbolizes the strength and perserverance of those who have given their lives and honored our country being allowed to be used in such a manner of sexual degradation without reproach.  The fact that these ignorant professionals are allowed to behave this way and send these messages publicly, to have access to us to freely degrade us, and then seemingly think that their position gives them justification like this by using taxpayer dollars to fund the trip for the picture taking is beyond reproach and should be made an international incident.

Obviously, from some of their other perverse comments in the article from those who intentionally posed for the photos for which they refuse an apology, it has come to my attention that these people are being allowed sexually inappropriate access to us as citizens and as far as I am concerned, these women send a big message about respect to the rest of us.  They don’t emulate who I would like to see lead children.

This is not a case where someone was filmed, trafficked, and uploaded by a bunch of bullies as was the case of the teenager who was raped by the boys when she had been intentionally and inappropriately drugged, filmed, and text uploaded for all of her friends to see that caused her to committ suicide——-this was an intentional photo taken done to deliver a derogatory and sexually explicit message that is insulting and beyond reproach for people in the positions they hold for us to have to tolerate.

Those of us in America who actually do care about children, who do NOT consent to photos of us being used or uploaded or trafficked without our consent, and who have received this message………………..respond.


We are sick of our government and the government of these losers allowing the continued mocking, sexual degradation, and perverted public sexual assault of us through this picture-taking surveillance porn game being allowed that damages us beyond repair, and if you don’t get off your SORRY asses and publicly stop the RAPING of us by these ignoramuses, then consider your POLITICAL CAREERS OVER because the world’s people see what is going on, and what you have allowed, and your careers are DONE.

Start tracing the trail of these pervertedly sexual  women……… because the correct answers will lead you to a bigger question in America’s mind than just the degradation of the Washington Monument as ONE  building in which to degrade, there is more……..I know………….rid us of them………

One job at a time, one license at a time……………SQUASHED.


One of your ongoing sexual assault and bullied footage victims


Reference used in article:

– See more at: http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/principals-lewd-photo-and-racy-pinterest-posts-cause-parents-remove-children-school?utm_source=PANTHEON_STRIPPED&utm_medium=PANTHEON_STRIPPED&utm_campaign=PANTHEON_STRIPPED#sthash.NT9hf3sG.dpuf