And the snappy red claws with their perverted picture show,

try to set the cookie up for their blame, wherever she goes,

and the ones that she counted on just sat on their duff,

because apparently she just hadn’t been exploited enough.

And the suitcase-loving man with his long coat and his curly earwig,

turned out to be a bigger fraud and just another pig.

Now the wicked just use the cookie for a freebie treat,

apparently from their own kitchens they couldn’t find enough to eat.

And not that any of their game did she ever consent.

And they twist her life into their sadistic entertainment.

And the wicked just sat there and denied her their aid,

and they falsified the truth to make it look like she didn’t make the grade.

But it wasn’t  her fault, she wasn’t ever the real liar,

and the wicked continue to collude, manipulate and conspire.

Because she believes that all good people in this life deserve to be free,

and not be hampered by mortal servitude and forced into slavery.

It is about the restoring of democracy,

and freedom for all people, and an end to all hippocracy.

But the red claws simply want to twist their blame,

and the purple whose lives get ruined are simply never the same.

And those who knew the truth didn’t have a conscience quickly enough,

and the cookie has gone from sweet, to rather hard and rather tough.

and they assaulted their victim with their filthy networks.

but one day she’ll  have the chance to prove who were the real jerks.

And in the end only she will pass the lie detector test,

and she prays that there will be justice served on all of the rest.



And don’t worry, because if I were as disrespectful as you,

I could have turned my shoe upside down to you as well today too.