And the red claws keep doing their damage so you see,

They steal, they rob, they traffic and violate me,

They don’t truly have a conscience as you know,

They set me up for their own blame wherever I go.

I was never sharing myself, they took and used me without my consent.

And now my life is damaged and my limbic system simply now is spent.

They couldn’t learn to be better, they just simply had to abuse,

and no one holds them accountable, no one makes them lose.

And the game goes on and on at my continued expense,

and why there is no intervention just doesn’t make any sense.

They villainize me to cover their own wrongdoings you see,

and continue to make life come at the expense of me.

So why should I bother to put a smile on my face every day,

when I am screwed over by controllers who sabotage my life in every way,

I was never the villain they make of me so you see,

it was all about enslaving me to their powerplay…. wrongfully.

And the feasting goes on from the leeches in every way,

that sometimes I feel I will no longer see the light of day,

and the sabotage of my life that everyone watches and seems to allow,

and the bullies listen in so they can figure out exactly to know how.

And they stalk and harrass me and blame me when it was not me who inappropriately took,

and the drama that they can’t seem to let go of plays like a novel or book.

And they steal and feast on my words and poems so you see,

and then figure out how they can twist and turn the blame onto me.

And they constantly invade my life and my privacy,

so they can collaborate on how they are going to continue to villainize me.

I am not the one expensing them like they do to me, so you see,

They are the ones distracting everyone with their false claims and their feasting of me.

So in the end, I hope people finally see,

that the one protecting the children was not my enemies……..but me,

and one step at a time they threw my life right under the bus,

and all I can think of is to look at my saboteurs simply with disgust.

It isn’t me who is doing the damage to others you see,

you all are the ones who invade and steal the thoughts for yourselves from me.

And you don’t do it with my consent as you plainly can see,

And because of your failures and greed my dreams will never be.

So think of the one who keeps paying the price for your feast,

The one that you seem to target and entrap underneath the firebreathing beast.

The forced submission situation for whom you did not bother to stand,

while you steal and rob the information, but don’t reach out your hand.

For your shame game and exploitation simply went too far,

and all you have done is make the wound bigger and created a deeper scar.

I wasn’t the villain from the beginning so you see,

it’s just all been a big farce so you can turn wrongful blame onto me.

And you should all be ashamed that you stand there and simply don’t act,

and I counted that there were the good guys still and that was a fact,

but the game was dictated from the very beginning you see,

and the failure to step in has created a continued assault back onto me.

My stalkers and harrassers seem to continue to have free access to me,

and I am not the bad guy who is harrassing or exploiting anyone as you can plainly see,

and the people invading my privacy don’t seem to be helping me,

they are just out to degrade and let the bullies continue to victimize me.

I am not the attractor trying to attract  you so you see,

and I have always done for others what simply was asked of me.

And the red claws can’t seem to get the story right so you see,

as they continue to sabotage and damage the inner child inside of me.

The exploitation and free access that simply never stopped and went to far,

it’s too late for damage control, you can’t heal the unbelievably large scar.

I did what you asked, did what you wanted, and now you all blame me,

The lost one who you damaged with your crooked conspiracy,

and you continue to take and take and steal my life from me,

and then you villainize the one you abuse nonconsensually.

So don’t ask me to believe that there are nice people so you see,

Forced submission to crime rings and crooked conspiracy,

While I get victimized and threatened with blame right in front of me,

and you continue to damage my life for your own opportunity.

Stephanie Dow