The inner child in side of her wept a tear today,

the abused one the bullies used inappropriately and gave away,

for the perpetrators using their dirty lights you see,

they trafficked and then pretend they are good models to their family.

The infinitesimal joke, they used without her consent,

the raping of her soul intentionally was how it was meant.

And she looked up to the sky in hopes of someone with bravery,

but alas no one comes to rescue the one caught up in slavery.

And her bullies blame her because they are rapists you see,

and the whores just laugh and giggle as paperwork they steal from she.

A bunch of dirty old men needed a freebie treat you see,

and they flash their lights to let the her know she’s a victim of slavery.

And the red lights, they mock her and set her up for blame,

and they ruin her life and don’t feel one ounce of shame.

And the ones that she thought should have stepped in at the right time,

simply leave her abused as they steal her soul and her rhymes.

For the licensed, they ignore it and look the other way,

for the red cap took advantage of her again today.

You see, surveillance is being used to make a joke out of the victims,

and when they are done with their video rapes, they find a way to evict them.

and some men sit on their asses because they really don’t care,

they leave the victim to blame by making it look like she willingly had bread to share.

And the villains hold her hostage to their mockery you see,

and they go home at night claiming the money they earned as their fees.

And the porn flicks get trafficked without her consent,

the molesters just need to make their victim feel a little bit more spent.

And some men they just laugh silently because she really never counted,

and her offenders just keep exploiting her, it’s just a treat that they mounted.

Apparently they just needed a rape toy for the world to see,

and then the whores go home pretending to be role models to their families.

And the victim she cried her tears silently today,

a tear for the degradation she lives with everyday.

But don’t worry, the licensed ones will help cover their tracks,

they’ll falsify the paperwork and falsely diagnose her right back.

And the leaks they continue from the villains far up above,

apparently they just wanted to laugh at the dove.

While the misled youth get trained to take up sociopathic residency,

so that they might get the next villain into the presidency.

And the joker just sits and laughs as the clown,

while the blue simply continue to look away and look down.

The trafficking treat they try to sell for a buck,

while they poison the children who might survive with a bit of luck.

They drop their pills all around and then find someone to blame,

usually the victim of their sex offending game.

And the victims simply stay out on display,

because the law simply decided to look the other way.

You see slaves don’t count for much they’re swept under the carpet you see,

an inconvenient embarrassment to society.

And the degraded simply never can stand for themselves,

the heart forever closed sits alone on the shelf.

And the whores continue to market their victim for gain,

and if she speaks her voice she’s simply made to look insane.

And the damaged one continues to compartmentalize the abuse,

because if she speaks up she is simply thrown in the refuse.

But don’t worry, you see because the bad girls steal the money and then get forgiven,

they show up for church on Sunday to make it look like they are truly giving.

And they put on a smile and blend in with the honest crowd,

and then come home and bully their victim and get obnoxious and rather loud.

Apparently the light men never have to pay the price,

they just leave their victim villainized so they don’t have to be nice.

And if she complains they drop a drug in her drink,

but don’t worry no one will care because they will say she simply stinks.

And her coworkers make comments in disgust about her body,

and her clothes are either too plain, or simply look gaudy.

And the scumbags seem to continue to rip the slave apart,

a passive aggressive attack on the gentlest of hearts.

And the whores never seem to tell the truth,

while they actually pretend to care about youth,

but it isn’t about saving any children you see,

it all about trafficking and sexual slavery.

And the good guys get buried and become the bottled water,

and the slave makes the sacrifice to save her daughter.

And the righteous stand by and do nothing you see,

they turn their nose up at the person who has been sold to slavery.

The villains are desperately trying to turn the blame in the wrong direction,

so they can keep committing crimes while using her as a confection.

This is the reality of life of the purple you see,

the lost inner child forced into slavery.

And no one will be made to take responsibility,

and those who do actually care are left in complete humility.

For if she tries to step up, the whores retaliate,

and law sits back and laughs because they think it’s just great.

So in the end she loses with blame that’s not hers you see,

because it is all about the survival of degraded society.

And in that moment she realizes this never has an end,

she realizes she was a better person for having tried to at least be the better friend.

The sexual assault that the stars allow,

the backend of a horse she’s called, or a trophy or a cow.

While the good guys are held at gunpoint you see,

until they get litigation faked to cost her all the money.

The cup, the flower, the queen, the whale there a so many names.

While the men sit back and mock her with false love and false blame.

The tape created by someone in the medical field you see,

the flip-flop of blame created by society.

The dirty-aligned families move around her intentionally so you see,

so they can sell her off for entertainment for free.

And the inner child cried a tear today,

while the villains always seem to get their way.

Because purple isn’t important to anyone you see,

they just wanted her naked pictures posted as plain as can be.

And her car and her home is what they plan to take next.

so the traffickers can thrive and leave all others perplexed.

And the little girl still deep inside cried a tear today,

not the same person she was yesterday.

as they live out song lyrics as if they make sense,

while they continue to make life try to come at her expense.

Forced submission is not consent to the villains you say,

and the traffic lights turn from red and green to silver gray.

and sad heart longs for the good guys to intervene,

and stop the vicious claw from making her scene.

The story ends badly no matter which way it turns,

and freedom from oppression is for what the purple does yearn.

But it isn’t about her freedom you see,

it is about protecting their dirty filth film and conspiracy.

And the smile just couldn’t come to her face,

because her life has been wasted and made a joke and a disgrace.

Apparently, she is supposed to be perfect in everyone’s eyes you see,

while they violate her life and treat it like a mockery.

It’s no wonder the country is going to war,

someone needs to put them in their place and try to settle the score.

And the purple stands tall and quiet you see,

brushed under the carpet so conveniently,

And the law simply ignores the rights of the slave you see,

the one that they traffic so violently.

Just remember she was once someone’s little daughter well-loved as you see,,

but you gave her to the pigs and animals and made her a mockery.

So in closing, it’s important to make them see the situation from her point of view.

So they wake up and realize which are the feelings that are true.

The remote control that is held in their hand,

and the lost little girl who is the joke of the land.

And the blame goes on and on, she is simply an excuse,

because it is truly on them, that there should be this noose.

And someday she prays the law will choose to raise it’s hand,

and set a better course for what’s left of this land.

And make the truly wicked pay for the damage you see,

so the good guys will win and return peace to society.