I am not an avid church-goer lately, my faith it often waivers,

a feeding frenzy on the weak to which evil hungers and savors,

I see death all around and suffering that I alone can’t ever fix,

and a greed among the narcissists, that violate us with their dirty tricks.

I see a world in need of change that never seems to come about,

that leaves me to question the good of humanity, on that, there is no doubt.

I see a religious war brewing between Islam, and Christians, and Jews,

that really isn’t about religion belief, it’s more about what criminal faction can overpower who.

It’s not about practicing belief in God at all, it’s about supreme power over the earth,

and a dirty network of filth trying to enslave us as slaves and ruin humanity’s worth.

I see terrorists in action in the streets on the news and on the TV,

finding a way to continue to rob us, bleed us dry, and steal our money.

The football game got carried away, the hand-held football is much deflated,

watching the bad guys continue to rise, justice seems hopeless and overrated.

So I offer these thoughts today as a sort of prayer for all who continue to cope,

that there are indeed good people in the world around still so not to give up hope.

For those who are left suffering because the system twisted the facts,

for those who are saved each day by a selfless person‘s kindest act.

Look for the very small miracles in each and every day,

and do to what you are empowered to keep sinister evil at bay.

Extend a warm hand to a person on the ground who has fallen,

no matter what religious belief, color of skin, or social class they have their callin’.

and continue to be a ray of light regardless of how badly they hurt and degrade you.

And pay a kind gesture to those whose loyalty does or doesn’t betray you.

For our time here upon Earth is very limited you see,

and it isn’t accumulation of wealth as much the character of the person you aim to be.

From Egypt, to Russia, to Canada, Brazil and Myanmar,

do one kind act every day for a stranger to combat evil and keep the good on par.

For true peace shouldn’t come at a price of innocent lives you see,

it doesn’t cost anything to give humanity back its integrity.


Someone says that God’s tears often appear to come softly in the rain,

and He’s crying outside my window this eve because He’s in so very much pain.

For the world left in chaos being created, His tears do often flow,

He’s waiting for all His children to decide to mature and grow.

So take a step toward peace do whatever you’re empowered today,

make the world a better place in each and every way.

Stop the bleeding of my heart, a piece of broken glass shattered,

stomped on, and left upon the ground,

fix the shelving and your dishonesty and allow graciousness to surround.

For at the end of your life while you lay dying one day,

I imagine you will wish you had made a difference in some small way.

A token from those for whom you showed in life that they counted,

that your life’s work meant something, any regrets were surmounted.

And as your breath softly slows, and the soft light does appear,

it will be your good deeds that you did for someone each and every year.

That is how you are valued and remembered, by memories you created you see,

as you finally draw your last breath hopefully surrounded by your family.

So begin tomorrow, being the ray of light for the world that others just cannot see,

and do a kind act to a stranger to create a fonder memory.

That’s how you are counted, that’s the difference you can make,

and if we all did that before we die we can make this world again great!

So in closing, the time has come, the rain is ceasing out my window you see,

He must be thankful and content I finally expressed some poetry.

The tears of His are slowing, and the night is coming to a close,

as my thoughts are all written and contained in a small sampling of some prose.

Thus my prayer for peace this evening finally comes to a close today,

as I grow to be a better person each day in every thoughtful way.

A Prayer for Peace, my care for this world as you can plainly see,

and a world much richer because one provided hope eternally.


Written by Stephanie K. Dow

(inspired by the untimely death of a 6-year-old gunned down at school by a 14-year-old)