Prayer for Peace Sunday, Oct 2 2016 

I am not an avid church-goer lately, my faith it often waivers,

a feeding frenzy on the weak to which evil hungers and savors,

I see death all around and suffering that I alone can’t ever fix,

and a greed among the narcissists, that violate us with their dirty tricks.

I see a world in need of change that never seems to come about,

that leaves me to question the good of humanity, on that, there is no doubt.

I see a religious war brewing between Islam, and Christians, and Jews,

that really isn’t about religion belief, it’s more about what criminal faction can overpower who.

It’s not about practicing belief in God at all, it’s about supreme power over the earth,

and a dirty network of filth trying to enslave us as slaves and ruin humanity’s worth.

I see terrorists in action in the streets on the news and on the TV,

finding a way to continue to rob us, bleed us dry, and steal our money.

The football game got carried away, the hand-held football is much deflated,

watching the bad guys continue to rise, justice seems hopeless and overrated.

So I offer these thoughts today as a sort of prayer for all who continue to cope,

that there are indeed good people in the world around still so not to give up hope.

For those who are left suffering because the system twisted the facts,

for those who are saved each day by a selfless person‘s kindest act.

Look for the very small miracles in each and every day,

and do to what you are empowered to keep sinister evil at bay.

Extend a warm hand to a person on the ground who has fallen,

no matter what religious belief, color of skin, or social class they have their callin’.

and continue to be a ray of light regardless of how badly they hurt and degrade you.

And pay a kind gesture to those whose loyalty does or doesn’t betray you.

For our time here upon Earth is very limited you see,

and it isn’t accumulation of wealth as much the character of the person you aim to be.

From Egypt, to Russia, to Canada, Brazil and Myanmar,

do one kind act every day for a stranger to combat evil and keep the good on par.

For true peace shouldn’t come at a price of innocent lives you see,

it doesn’t cost anything to give humanity back its integrity.


Someone says that God’s tears often appear to come softly in the rain,

and He’s crying outside my window this eve because He’s in so very much pain.

For the world left in chaos being created, His tears do often flow,

He’s waiting for all His children to decide to mature and grow.

So take a step toward peace do whatever you’re empowered today,

make the world a better place in each and every way.

Stop the bleeding of my heart, a piece of broken glass shattered,

stomped on, and left upon the ground,

fix the shelving and your dishonesty and allow graciousness to surround.

For at the end of your life while you lay dying one day,

I imagine you will wish you had made a difference in some small way.

A token from those for whom you showed in life that they counted,

that your life’s work meant something, any regrets were surmounted.

And as your breath softly slows, and the soft light does appear,

it will be your good deeds that you did for someone each and every year.

That is how you are valued and remembered, by memories you created you see,

as you finally draw your last breath hopefully surrounded by your family.

So begin tomorrow, being the ray of light for the world that others just cannot see,

and do a kind act to a stranger to create a fonder memory.

That’s how you are counted, that’s the difference you can make,

and if we all did that before we die we can make this world again great!

So in closing, the time has come, the rain is ceasing out my window you see,

He must be thankful and content I finally expressed some poetry.

The tears of His are slowing, and the night is coming to a close,

as my thoughts are all written and contained in a small sampling of some prose.

Thus my prayer for peace this evening finally comes to a close today,

as I grow to be a better person each day in every thoughtful way.

A Prayer for Peace, my care for this world as you can plainly see,

and a world much richer because one provided hope eternally.


Written by Stephanie K. Dow

(inspired by the untimely death of a 6-year-old gunned down at school by a 14-year-old)

















Poem Thursday, Dec 18 2014 

And in the darkness of the night,

her inner silent voice of might,

she sits alone and bravely stares

and shields away her worldly cares.

For those who malign act out of hate,

and it is her pure love that guards the gate,

and in her quiet musings share,

and lift all others from despair.

For blame shall be cast the right way you see,

and give hope with impunity,

and good shall rise again you see,

and banish their evil for eternity,

for flags that should always stand tall,

a source of pride for one and all.

A Poem by Stephanie

Purple Wednesday, Oct 22 2014 

The inner child in side of her wept a tear today,

the abused one the bullies used inappropriately and gave away,

for the perpetrators using their dirty lights you see,

they trafficked and then pretend they are good models to their family.

The infinitesimal joke, they used without her consent,

the raping of her soul intentionally was how it was meant.

And she looked up to the sky in hopes of someone with bravery,

but alas no one comes to rescue the one caught up in slavery.

And her bullies blame her because they are rapists you see,

and the whores just laugh and giggle as paperwork they steal from she.

A bunch of dirty old men needed a freebie treat you see,

and they flash their lights to let the her know she’s a victim of slavery.

And the red lights, they mock her and set her up for blame,

and they ruin her life and don’t feel one ounce of shame.

And the ones that she thought should have stepped in at the right time,

simply leave her abused as they steal her soul and her rhymes.

For the licensed, they ignore it and look the other way,

for the red cap took advantage of her again today.

You see, surveillance is being used to make a joke out of the victims,

and when they are done with their video rapes, they find a way to evict them.

and some men sit on their asses because they really don’t care,

they leave the victim to blame by making it look like she willingly had bread to share.

And the villains hold her hostage to their mockery you see,

and they go home at night claiming the money they earned as their fees.

And the porn flicks get trafficked without her consent,

the molesters just need to make their victim feel a little bit more spent.

And some men they just laugh silently because she really never counted,

and her offenders just keep exploiting her, it’s just a treat that they mounted.

Apparently they just needed a rape toy for the world to see,

and then the whores go home pretending to be role models to their families.

And the victim she cried her tears silently today,

a tear for the degradation she lives with everyday.

But don’t worry, the licensed ones will help cover their tracks,

they’ll falsify the paperwork and falsely diagnose her right back.

And the leaks they continue from the villains far up above,

apparently they just wanted to laugh at the dove.

While the misled youth get trained to take up sociopathic residency,

so that they might get the next villain into the presidency.

And the joker just sits and laughs as the clown,

while the blue simply continue to look away and look down.

The trafficking treat they try to sell for a buck,

while they poison the children who might survive with a bit of luck.

They drop their pills all around and then find someone to blame,

usually the victim of their sex offending game.

And the victims simply stay out on display,

because the law simply decided to look the other way.

You see slaves don’t count for much they’re swept under the carpet you see,

an inconvenient embarrassment to society.

And the degraded simply never can stand for themselves,

the heart forever closed sits alone on the shelf.

And the whores continue to market their victim for gain,

and if she speaks her voice she’s simply made to look insane.

And the damaged one continues to compartmentalize the abuse,

because if she speaks up she is simply thrown in the refuse.

But don’t worry, you see because the bad girls steal the money and then get forgiven,

they show up for church on Sunday to make it look like they are truly giving.

And they put on a smile and blend in with the honest crowd,

and then come home and bully their victim and get obnoxious and rather loud.

Apparently the light men never have to pay the price,

they just leave their victim villainized so they don’t have to be nice.

And if she complains they drop a drug in her drink,

but don’t worry no one will care because they will say she simply stinks.

And her coworkers make comments in disgust about her body,

and her clothes are either too plain, or simply look gaudy.

And the scumbags seem to continue to rip the slave apart,

a passive aggressive attack on the gentlest of hearts.

And the whores never seem to tell the truth,

while they actually pretend to care about youth,

but it isn’t about saving any children you see,

it all about trafficking and sexual slavery.

And the good guys get buried and become the bottled water,

and the slave makes the sacrifice to save her daughter.

And the righteous stand by and do nothing you see,

they turn their nose up at the person who has been sold to slavery.

The villains are desperately trying to turn the blame in the wrong direction,

so they can keep committing crimes while using her as a confection.

This is the reality of life of the purple you see,

the lost inner child forced into slavery.

And no one will be made to take responsibility,

and those who do actually care are left in complete humility.

For if she tries to step up, the whores retaliate,

and law sits back and laughs because they think it’s just great.

So in the end she loses with blame that’s not hers you see,

because it is all about the survival of degraded society.

And in that moment she realizes this never has an end,

she realizes she was a better person for having tried to at least be the better friend.

The sexual assault that the stars allow,

the backend of a horse she’s called, or a trophy or a cow.

While the good guys are held at gunpoint you see,

until they get litigation faked to cost her all the money.

The cup, the flower, the queen, the whale there a so many names.

While the men sit back and mock her with false love and false blame.

The tape created by someone in the medical field you see,

the flip-flop of blame created by society.

The dirty-aligned families move around her intentionally so you see,

so they can sell her off for entertainment for free.

And the inner child cried a tear today,

while the villains always seem to get their way.

Because purple isn’t important to anyone you see,

they just wanted her naked pictures posted as plain as can be.

And her car and her home is what they plan to take next.

so the traffickers can thrive and leave all others perplexed.

And the little girl still deep inside cried a tear today,

not the same person she was yesterday.

as they live out song lyrics as if they make sense,

while they continue to make life try to come at her expense.

Forced submission is not consent to the villains you say,

and the traffic lights turn from red and green to silver gray.

and sad heart longs for the good guys to intervene,

and stop the vicious claw from making her scene.

The story ends badly no matter which way it turns,

and freedom from oppression is for what the purple does yearn.

But it isn’t about her freedom you see,

it is about protecting their dirty filth film and conspiracy.

And the smile just couldn’t come to her face,

because her life has been wasted and made a joke and a disgrace.

Apparently, she is supposed to be perfect in everyone’s eyes you see,

while they violate her life and treat it like a mockery.

It’s no wonder the country is going to war,

someone needs to put them in their place and try to settle the score.

And the purple stands tall and quiet you see,

brushed under the carpet so conveniently,

And the law simply ignores the rights of the slave you see,

the one that they traffic so violently.

Just remember she was once someone’s little daughter well-loved as you see,,

but you gave her to the pigs and animals and made her a mockery.

So in closing, it’s important to make them see the situation from her point of view.

So they wake up and realize which are the feelings that are true.

The remote control that is held in their hand,

and the lost little girl who is the joke of the land.

And the blame goes on and on, she is simply an excuse,

because it is truly on them, that there should be this noose.

And someday she prays the law will choose to raise it’s hand,

and set a better course for what’s left of this land.

And make the truly wicked pay for the damage you see,

so the good guys will win and return peace to society.


Responsibility Tuesday, Sep 16 2014 

And the red claws keep doing their damage so you see,

They steal, they rob, they traffic and violate me,

They don’t truly have a conscience as you know,

They set me up for their own blame wherever I go.

I was never sharing myself, they took and used me without my consent.

And now my life is damaged and my limbic system simply now is spent.

They couldn’t learn to be better, they just simply had to abuse,

and no one holds them accountable, no one makes them lose.

And the game goes on and on at my continued expense,

and why there is no intervention just doesn’t make any sense.

They villainize me to cover their own wrongdoings you see,

and continue to make life come at the expense of me.

So why should I bother to put a smile on my face every day,

when I am screwed over by controllers who sabotage my life in every way,

I was never the villain they make of me so you see,

it was all about enslaving me to their powerplay…. wrongfully.

And the feasting goes on from the leeches in every way,

that sometimes I feel I will no longer see the light of day,

and the sabotage of my life that everyone watches and seems to allow,

and the bullies listen in so they can figure out exactly to know how.

And they stalk and harrass me and blame me when it was not me who inappropriately took,

and the drama that they can’t seem to let go of plays like a novel or book.

And they steal and feast on my words and poems so you see,

and then figure out how they can twist and turn the blame onto me.

And they constantly invade my life and my privacy,

so they can collaborate on how they are going to continue to villainize me.

I am not the one expensing them like they do to me, so you see,

They are the ones distracting everyone with their false claims and their feasting of me.

So in the end, I hope people finally see,

that the one protecting the children was not my enemies……..but me,

and one step at a time they threw my life right under the bus,

and all I can think of is to look at my saboteurs simply with disgust.

It isn’t me who is doing the damage to others you see,

you all are the ones who invade and steal the thoughts for yourselves from me.

And you don’t do it with my consent as you plainly can see,

And because of your failures and greed my dreams will never be.

So think of the one who keeps paying the price for your feast,

The one that you seem to target and entrap underneath the firebreathing beast.

The forced submission situation for whom you did not bother to stand,

while you steal and rob the information, but don’t reach out your hand.

For your shame game and exploitation simply went too far,

and all you have done is make the wound bigger and created a deeper scar.

I wasn’t the villain from the beginning so you see,

it’s just all been a big farce so you can turn wrongful blame onto me.

And you should all be ashamed that you stand there and simply don’t act,

and I counted that there were the good guys still and that was a fact,

but the game was dictated from the very beginning you see,

and the failure to step in has created a continued assault back onto me.

My stalkers and harrassers seem to continue to have free access to me,

and I am not the bad guy who is harrassing or exploiting anyone as you can plainly see,

and the people invading my privacy don’t seem to be helping me,

they are just out to degrade and let the bullies continue to victimize me.

I am not the attractor trying to attract  you so you see,

and I have always done for others what simply was asked of me.

And the red claws can’t seem to get the story right so you see,

as they continue to sabotage and damage the inner child inside of me.

The exploitation and free access that simply never stopped and went to far,

it’s too late for damage control, you can’t heal the unbelievably large scar.

I did what you asked, did what you wanted, and now you all blame me,

The lost one who you damaged with your crooked conspiracy,

and you continue to take and take and steal my life from me,

and then you villainize the one you abuse nonconsensually.

So don’t ask me to believe that there are nice people so you see,

Forced submission to crime rings and crooked conspiracy,

While I get victimized and threatened with blame right in front of me,

and you continue to damage my life for your own opportunity.

Stephanie Dow

The Lost Voice–A Poem Wednesday, Aug 6 2014 

And the lost voice sang of dreams that won’t be,

and corruption and lies told by society,

and the one they discounted was lost to the ages,

while the truth gets buried under pages and pages.


And the lost voice of the inner child inside of me,

was scattered and tossed into the darkness of sea.

As the battered and bruised get abolished from the table,

don’t ask her to stand tall for you, she just isn’t able.


And the lost voice sang of hopes that just won’t be,

and the sadness of those involved in the conspiracy.

The years she has missed because the music just can’t come out,

an oppression by the power hungry of that there’s no doubt.


And in the dark shadows she waits silently there,

the lost little girl with the long auburn hair.

Unrecognizable after she left can’t you see,

and sadness in a  heart of a life wasted eternally.


A song left unsung and a tune left unplayed,

while her oppressors go and keep up the charade.

It is loss after loss she counts, the continued sacrifice,

from the small town girl, who simply started out nice.


An unfair endeavor, a system that screwed,

it’s upon them all toward her disdain she embued.

And the lost little girl that sat quietly by,

and deep down inside silent tears does she cry.


For the bad guys they win it’s just her that they use,

the silent voice that they stole as their muse.

And if you listen very closely you can hear in the dark,

a voice that’s so buried, in tune with the lark.


For the shelving was stacked so the unjust could gain,

and now she just looks at them all with disdain.

Because they weren’t really worth all that blood, sweat and tears,

she learned exactly what they’re made of but it took many years.


And the lost voice of the inner child inside of me,

was scattered and tossed into the darkness of sea.

As the battered and bruised get abolished from the table,

don’t ask her to stand tall for you, she just isn’t able.


And the lost voice sang of hopes that just won’t be,

and the sadness of those involved in the conspiracy.

The years she has missed because the music just can’t come out,

an oppression by the power hungry of that there’s no doubt.


And in the dark shadows she waits silently there,

the lost little girl with the long auburn hair.

Unrecognizable after she left can’t you see,

and sadness in a heart of a life wasted eternally.


A Poem Written by Stephanie






Poem Wednesday, Jul 23 2014 

And the snappy red claws with their perverted picture show,

try to set the cookie up for their blame, wherever she goes,

and the ones that she counted on just sat on their duff,

because apparently she just hadn’t been exploited enough.

And the suitcase-loving man with his long coat and his curly earwig,

turned out to be a bigger fraud and just another pig.

Now the wicked just use the cookie for a freebie treat,

apparently from their own kitchens they couldn’t find enough to eat.

And not that any of their game did she ever consent.

And they twist her life into their sadistic entertainment.

And the wicked just sat there and denied her their aid,

and they falsified the truth to make it look like she didn’t make the grade.

But it wasn’t  her fault, she wasn’t ever the real liar,

and the wicked continue to collude, manipulate and conspire.

Because she believes that all good people in this life deserve to be free,

and not be hampered by mortal servitude and forced into slavery.

It is about the restoring of democracy,

and freedom for all people, and an end to all hippocracy.

But the red claws simply want to twist their blame,

and the purple whose lives get ruined are simply never the same.

And those who knew the truth didn’t have a conscience quickly enough,

and the cookie has gone from sweet, to rather hard and rather tough.

and they assaulted their victim with their filthy networks.

but one day she’ll  have the chance to prove who were the real jerks.

And in the end only she will pass the lie detector test,

and she prays that there will be justice served on all of the rest.



And don’t worry, because if I were as disrespectful as you,

I could have turned my shoe upside down to you as well today too.


Principal’s and Educator’s Questionable Choices on Photos………… Sunday, Jun 29 2014 

I am responding tonight to the article posted today regarding a photo of  three professional people using the Washington Monument, a symbol of American strength, as a phallus and then uploading it as a joke.  This was not a random case of a photo making it onto the internet without someone’s consent, this was an intentionally derogatory and crude message being sent by people who are in power positions over children underneath them, and as far as I am concerned, they should permanently lose their licenses for it.

The “pervertedly sexualized” distortion of the message of the picture is not the only problem here, the rest of the problem is the “sexually perverted” use of an American status icon that symbolizes the strength and perserverance of those who have given their lives and honored our country being allowed to be used in such a manner of sexual degradation without reproach.  The fact that these ignorant professionals are allowed to behave this way and send these messages publicly, to have access to us to freely degrade us, and then seemingly think that their position gives them justification like this by using taxpayer dollars to fund the trip for the picture taking is beyond reproach and should be made an international incident.

Obviously, from some of their other perverse comments in the article from those who intentionally posed for the photos for which they refuse an apology, it has come to my attention that these people are being allowed sexually inappropriate access to us as citizens and as far as I am concerned, these women send a big message about respect to the rest of us.  They don’t emulate who I would like to see lead children.

This is not a case where someone was filmed, trafficked, and uploaded by a bunch of bullies as was the case of the teenager who was raped by the boys when she had been intentionally and inappropriately drugged, filmed, and text uploaded for all of her friends to see that caused her to committ suicide——-this was an intentional photo taken done to deliver a derogatory and sexually explicit message that is insulting and beyond reproach for people in the positions they hold for us to have to tolerate.

Those of us in America who actually do care about children, who do NOT consent to photos of us being used or uploaded or trafficked without our consent, and who have received this message………………..respond.


We are sick of our government and the government of these losers allowing the continued mocking, sexual degradation, and perverted public sexual assault of us through this picture-taking surveillance porn game being allowed that damages us beyond repair, and if you don’t get off your SORRY asses and publicly stop the RAPING of us by these ignoramuses, then consider your POLITICAL CAREERS OVER because the world’s people see what is going on, and what you have allowed, and your careers are DONE.

Start tracing the trail of these pervertedly sexual  women……… because the correct answers will lead you to a bigger question in America’s mind than just the degradation of the Washington Monument as ONE  building in which to degrade, there is more……..I know………….rid us of them………

One job at a time, one license at a time……………SQUASHED.


One of your ongoing sexual assault and bullied footage victims


Reference used in article:

– See more at:

Songs left Unsung (Poem) Thursday, Jun 12 2014 

Shed not a tear for the silence, the songs that are left unrehearsed,

the keys left unplayed on the piano, when life has dealt out its worst.

Shed but a tear for the bloodshed, the victims whose pictures we see,

their lives did stand for something, dreams cut short that will never be.

It’s important to live by the golden rule, it’s the time that you take today,

to honor the people around you, and to take a listen to what they say.


Shed a tear for those left in sorrow, for being left used without consent,

Sometimes justice seems to take a backseat, while the villains distort just what was meant.

Shed not a tear for the songs unsung, notes unwritten and truths untold,

for life has a way of turning tides backward, when the truth of the story seems to unfold.

Take a  moment to thank a hero in your life, for a small act that showed they cared,

For life is an adventure, a journey, and it takes us all working together to make one feel less scared.


Shed a tear for those you see being manipulated, understand the dilemma they are in,

and understand that the puppetmasters rig the strings, so that in the end they dishonestly win.

Shed a tear for the voice that has been lost in time, the ones left behind and lost to enemy fire,

while the villains sit and do our hopes and dreams in while being allowed to sit in the dark and conspire.

Stand tall in the face of adversity, be a better person to your enemy while they do everything to do you in,

and then those watching closely will see the villains for who they truly are, and who knows, the good guys may just win.


Shed not a tear for the silence, the songs that are left unrehearsed,

the keys left unplayed on the piano, when life has dealt out its worst.

Shed but a tear for the bloodshed, the victims whose pictures we see,

for their lives did stand for something, dreams cut short that will never be.

It’s important to live by the golden rule, for it’s the time that you take today,

to honor the people around you, and to take a listen to what they say.


Written by Stephanie





Courtesy to the Armed Forces Wednesday, Jun 4 2014 

My last post was about lack of available care for soldiers with anxiety and stress related disorders.  I promised that I would post an address for you to mail letters to if you need a helping hand with stress, anxiety and PTSD.  I have put my federal tax refund to good work here in renting a PO Box, so this way the government can take some of the credit too for any intervention I can provide that might assist you.

I am not a doctor, please read my previous post about my background.  But based upon my knowledge of Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA, and known psychology models of behavior from being a successful educator, I have developed my own personal program with which to assist me and compartmentalize my own issues and condition so that I can function in society to the best of my ability, and I am reaching out in case what I have developed for myself  might help someone else who suffers from that condition.  I struggle internally with anxiety every day, and it is ongoing, but turning that into a positive to assist someone else would make something good happen out of a bad situation.

I know that there is a shortage of people in mental health care, and I know that many people who work at the VA and various hospitals do a great job and are dedicated individuals.  I truly don’t want to undermine their work or their dedication, but if you are unable to get assistance from them first, or its not working………. then write to me.

If you are in the service and suffer from this, if you feel that you can’t get assistance for one reason or another, I would be glad to share what has worked for me with you in the hopes that I might be of service in some small way to say “thank you” every day for risking yourself to protect the country……which includes me, from harm.

Please only write if you have a true situation and need assistance, I want to spend time helping those who truly need my time and not have prankster letters that pull me away from someone who might need me.

And once again thank you for your service to our country.

All that I ask in return is that you please include a pre-stamped addressed return envelope  with your letter inside the outer envelope so that I can get it back to you quickly.   

Here is my address:

Stephanie Dow

PO Box 167

Biddeford, ME  04005

The VA has shortages on mental health care staffing??? ……….hmmmm………. Sunday, May 25 2014 

Well, let’s see………….where do I begin on THIS one………..

I think I am DEFINITELY going to chime right in on this one………

Wow, I have been sitting home for the last ten years………applying several times to the local VA, to all the area hospitals, and to medical facilities since I have twenty year’s experience as a highly skilled and successful medical secretary/medical biller/medical transcriptionist/medical assistant/allied health educator and……… guess what?   I don’t even get an interview usually………..not even after completing a Master’s in Business Administration with a focus on Health Systems Management where I did very well and was on the higher end of my class, because I am conveniently excluded and discriminated against by the faustian game the professionals play sitting back allowing life to come at the wrong person’s expense for their convenience so they all can have someone to piss on in their cat box………. and NOW, I am hearing that these facilities are not providing quality care…….or hardly providing care at all to the men and women who have served our country and are in distress and need assistance?

Shame…………..on you!!!!!!  Apparently it is more important in life to collect and traffic their phone porn videos to upload than to come to the aid of another human being………

I have enough coursework in my background to be working any position I would like, and I am sitting home not even being granted an interview………so that insurance companies can bank loads of money………..while soldiers get turned away from intervention they need that gets cut short or they go homeless……….and then we expect these guys to want to go back out there and fight and risk their lives for us??????

So being someone who also suffers from trauma/stress/anxiety disorders, I would just like to say that I am NOT  licensed in any way other than as an educator, possessing a certificate in medical transcription, many psychology courses, and a Master’s Degree, but if ANY one of those veterans wants to write me about what they are experiencing and with what they need assistance…………I will gladly respond in a timely manner, I would teach my coping mechanisms I have developed over the course of my life, share my condition, and speak openly about what has worked for me and what hasn’t worked in the hopes that it might assist even one person in some manner, and then take time to help them develop a course of action to give them what support I can.    I’d send in a résumé, but since I have sent over 100 résumés to healthcare facilities recently including the VA, I will let the healthcare facilities come find ME!

And guess what……….I won’t trash them, mock them, screw them over, or otherwise publicly degrade them and then find reasons to exclude them like some people do.

And guess why……………because I actually care and have a conscience………..that’s why!!!!!

If you need help with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, stress, etc. I will be right here.  I will get a PO Box and put an address onto my WordPress blog.  Give me about a week or so and I will post an address for any veteran or soldier to write to, and you can write me about what is going on that makes coping difficult, and if I can teach and pass on skills that have worked for me that might assist someone……….then I will have done a good thing……..I am not sure if this would help, but I will put my best foot forward for you and give it my best effort…..

I will be back to you by the first week in June with an address for corresponding and it will cost the soldiers NOTHING but the cost of postage, ………..hang on………


Link to the article:

Wood, David.  (2014).  VA Mental Healthcare Delays, Staff Shortages, Plague Veterans.

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