Poem Sunday, May 4 2014 

And today the melodies quietly draw to a close,

locked in an endless silence that nobody comprehends or knows.

Therefore in the ice castle no music shall flow,

no piano keys shall play and no melodies shall grow.


Some in their greed tries to flip the attractor,

to cover their own wrongs while using her as the distractor.

Some people are free, but some others are not,

and we hold back the tears that we’ve endlessly fought.


And in the distance the ivories sit quietly by,

and wait for the day she can give them a try.

A rose losing petals sits underneath the glass dome,

as a beast sits forever en guard in his home.


A costly oppression that no one did see,

as the rose sits in chains in full view and unfree.

Its faustian cost was the game that was played by some men,

then the glass dome was further sealed off by dishonest women.


And today the melodies quietly draw to a close,

locked in an endless silence that nobody comprehends or knows.

Therefore in the ice castle no music shall flow,

no piano keys shall play and no melodies shall grow.


A Poem by Stephanie D.









Ode to Nana Sunday, Apr 27 2014 

A great lady, my Nana, has passed today,

death came suddenly and took her away.

I played her some lullabies as she went from this life,

a devoted grandmother, mother and wife.


I cried tears for my Nana as she went from this earth,

to let a great lady know of her unfathomable worth.

I am unsure how it happened, she was too far from me,

but I understand that she went very peacefully.


I remember her corn fritters, they tasted sublime,

and February vacations one year at a time,

Biscuits and fiddleheads, I loved what she cooked,

and playing cribbage with my grandparents, on the game I got hooked.


Almost a centennarian, just short by two years,

for the grand Matriarch today I shed solemn tears.

So I silently sang her some lullabies to help her on her way,

as the heavens opened their doors for my Nana today.


She saw two World Wars, the dutiful wife as my grandfather served,

she didn’t always get the recognition she deserved.

She was a staunch and proud lady always dressed to the nines,

A working class mother borne near the Canadian lines.


She remembered Adolf  Hitler and Kennedy’s assassination,

and she saw the Great Depression and the rebirth of our nation.

And no matter what life brought her she kept right on going,

her inner strength and kindess toward me just continued showing.


And today her life peacefully and quietly drew to a close,

The faithful beautiful daughter of Henry and Rose.

and I am bereft thinking of the history she took with her,

the beautiful spunky lady…..I love her and I will miss her.









Thank Goodness for Trees Friday, Apr 25 2014 

Thank goodness for the tree that saved the many children in Anaheim today by cradling the school bus and preventing it from rolling over.  

I hope that the few children that were hurt as well as the driver are going to be all right, but I am thinking that if that tree had not been right there at that moment, just think how much worse this accident might have been.

I am not overly religious, but given the photos of the rescue, some kind of intervention had to play a role.  There is just no way this could happen like that.



Thoughts on the Gun Bill in Georgia Wednesday, Apr 23 2014 

Georgia has recently passed a bill that would allow citizens with licenses to carry guns with live ammunition into schools and churches and that this behavior would have to be tolerated.

Although I believe that we have the right to bear arms, I do not believe that a church or a school is the proper place to have to allow a gun.  The intimidation factor given all the recent events involving guns in school and churches that killed people should send a big enough message that America is not ready to be forced to allow them into schools and churches without a significant fear factor being present as well in the population.

Because of the fear and intimidation factor, the safe environment that these entities promote will be tarnished by men who are granted licenses who feel that they have something to prove or control, rather than to protect the safety of people.  A church is really not the venue for a bunch of men to “pull their guns out of their holsters and measure the barrels to see who has the longest.” Neither is a child’s school desk.

I believe that the man behind this bill needs to be voted out of office, and the law to be amended.  You should never have to carry a gun into a place of worship, or a location with children.  That is the job of the police dept. only.

Not everyone with a gun license will be responsible.  Some will have motive for wanting the gun, and this is just what this country doesn’t need right now………….guns in the hands of more bullies who like to create chaos out of a sick need to control.

It would be better not to create the opportunity for injustice, some of us still believe in Democracy and the rights to freedom, which seems to elude us more and more these days with the passing of these laws that seem to only favor a certain few.  People will stop going to church if men start showing up with guns, but maybe that was the intent and agenda of the person who created the bill in the first place.



On a lighter note today……. Wednesday, Apr 23 2014 

I was disappointed this week to find that my favorite “go to” food has been changed and not for the better.

Whenever I have a need to drown sorrows, or am in need of some “self care” I tend to purchase my absolute favorite ice cream, which has for the longest time been Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.  So imagine my dismay this week after mourning the ferry boat disaster in the news, feeling the need to go buy a pint and have some time to grieve for those people, when alas I find, that Ben and Jerry’s has changed the flavor to Coffee Toffee Crunch.

And not to make light of such a serious situation as the disaster that has claimed the lives of so many people, but when you need to drown pain and you go to your coping mechanism and it isn’t there any longer, it made the torment seem so much greater to find out that the flavor has been modified and NOT for the better.  The toffee pieces taste like plastic sponge cookie with a bit of chocolate thrown in, and the texture of that, combined with the ice cream, is not satisfying at all.

And while I am one who doesn’t usually complain, I was completely taken aback by the fact that this company would alter this flavor to such a downgrade.  I hope that in the future, they choose to bring back the original flavor, even if it substitutes a Skor bar for the Heath bar, because now I don’t have a favorite flavor with them at all, which is a disappointment to me.

But always being a “glass half full” kind of person, I suppose it will do wonders for my waist and my purse to not have to feel the need to spend the money on that item.  But a significant loss for Ben and Jerry’s……..because I was such a fan.


Other thoughts for this week—–

I have heard in the news that Hollywood is looking to put another Ghostbuster’s movie together, and I was sitting here thinking who would make the perfect cast of new Ghostbusters?  I have chosen four people that I think would be GREAT in this movie and they are as follows:


Jim Parsons from Big Bang Theory

Dulé Hill from Psych

Rob Schneider from The Animal

Jorge Garcia from Hawaii Five-O

And it would be GREAT to see Rick Moranis back trying to train some of these people to be Ghostbusters with all his humor injected into the script.


Gabourey Sidibe

or the woman who plays Debbie Downer on Saturday Night Live


Naveen Andrews from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland


Well, those are my choices, see if you agree or disagree.





I am the Voice from the Ones that You’ve Wasted………. Friday, Apr 18 2014 

I am the Voice of the Ones that you’ve wasted,

lives shattered and left in despair,

that counted that you’d stand among us,

protect us and always be there.


I am the Voices of those who haunt your night dreams,

the dust and ashes that you used then left behind.

The ones who were left but a memory,

the bodies of which you will never find.


I am the men of Seal Team Six,

who rose to the country’s aid.

For when the remote control was triggered,

the bird came down just soon after the Bin Laden raid.


I am the voices of the Trade Center victims,

you made a ship from what’s left of my bones.

The ones who didn’t get to kiss their loved ones goodbye,

or make it back to their families and homes.


I am the soldiers in Afghanistan killed by friendly fire,

devoted my life to my country you see,

but the enemy stands right beside us,

preventing our country from maintaining democracy.


I am the Voice from the Ones that You’ve Wasted,

the voice silenced when no one came,

the ones that you’ve exploited,

and left alone for the dirty cat box in shame.


I am the souls of the many soldiers,

the firemen and police who gave their lives too,

but in the end it doesn’t matter how much we care,

because it’s us they are just going to screw.


I am the Voices from the Ones that you’ve left behind,

the mistakes you caused you aren’t held responsible for,

but one day, you’ll see my voice counted,

and that will be the day the ones that haunt you will try to settle the score.


A Poem by Stephanie Dow







Take but a moment……. Sunday, Apr 13 2014 

Take but a moment to remember, the loss of life this week in the news that you see,

and then make a difference to someone to honor those people whose hopes and dreams will never be.

For it will be the small moments in life we take for granted that we hope will always be there,

and when a tragedy suddenly happens, it leaves us all in dark grief and despair.


When I am frustrated, or angry or hurting, I try to remember those very small things,

that count, that matter, for all those we’ve lost, who don’t get to spread their blossoming wings.

For that final day is coming for each of us, who knows what tomorrow will bring,

so do what you can to assist another and that one kind gesture will surely sing.


We might not agree on every intention, we might want to argue, hate, and malign,

but if we can still try to do our best with an open heart, then we will all be just fine.

For there is a lesson that we all must learn, it’s the hand that you open to assist,

that will banish the haters amongst us, and force them to back down and desist.


For I dream that one day the world can work things out, for peace and prosperity for all,

that we can live without war, violence and disregard, and when help is needed heroes answer the call.

Some of us have been led down paths we don’t deserve, and we have sadness we just can’t surmount,

but don’t forget that you are a better person, when to your enemy you treat them as if they count.


Take but a moment to remember, the loss of life this week in the news that you see,

and then make a difference to someone to honor those people whose hopes and dreams will never be.

For it will be the small moments in life we take for granted that we hope will always be there,

and to those who exploit and degrade you, be better than them, by taking a genuine moment to care.


Poem by Stephanie Dow








Memories of California Thursday, Mar 27 2014 

I live in Maine, but I have traveled to California once about 25 years ago.  It was just after President Reagan left office…….oh, I am dating myself!

I had a relative who lived out there for a while, and I had never been, so I decided to go spend a week out there and enjoy the good weather.  And I was so amazed at the good weather.  This year, Maine has had constant snow, which hopefully will end in another month, but it has truly got me thinking about and remembering all that time in California, and the palm trees, which I will never forget and of course………the sunshine all day, every day!

My fondest memory of California happened on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles.  I had told my relative that I was going to “blend in” and “NOT act like a tourist”, and thus we set out from Thousand Oaks and made the trek into LA for the day so I could see the Hollywood sign and the stars lining the streets on the Boulevard.

Our first stop was Rodeo Drive however, and although I could never afford a dress there, we walked it anyway…….and low and behold in front of one of the little shops………. was a chauffeur and a Rolls Royce, which I had never seen in my life.  Now that might not mean much to anyone who lives there…….but to someone from Maine who only knows Chevy trucks with 4-wheel drive slinging mud around, SUVs, and minivans……….it was a first.

So I took one look at my relative, and started laughing……….. because at that moment I started acting JUST like a tourist.

I walked up to the chauffeur waiting patiently on the street for his charge, and I asked him if I might take a picture of him in front of the Rolls Royce.  I thought I would get the cool brush off, but surprisingly, he tickled to think that I even noticed him, let alone was wanting to take a picture of him.  He was a short man with a darker complexion and an accent, which I think was Mexican, but he was tickled that someone noticed him standing there, that he mattered, and that someone thought he was important enough with which to converse.

He took a minute to ask me who I was, because I think he thought I was famous…….and I told him that “I wasn’t someone important, I was just visiting,” and told him “I had never seen a chauffeur in person before and was simply fascinated with him and his car,” as well as “having never seen a Rolls Royce except on television,” and after chatting a few minutes and laughing while he let me touch the hood in tourist fashion, we decided to take the picture of us together. So I passed the camera to my relative and stood beside him with the Rolls next to us, we put our arms around each other’s shoulder and my relative took the photo, and to this day it is one of my most treasured memories of my trip there.  How such a small gesture could make such a big difference!!

I thanked him profusely for taking a moment in time for me, and he was so endearing and gracious, it made my entire trip!!!  I still have the photo somewhere, but I can’t upload photos at the moment, thus I will have to come back and put it on here at another time.

Another memory of California was of course, the Hollywood sign and Capitol Records, and Frederick’s (yes, I was married then and much thinner) but I also remember going to a famous restaurant on the coastline that was an informal sit down bar.  I can’t recall the name, Goldfinger, or Gateway, or something like that…………anyway………

On the menu one of the entrèes was Maine Lobster, and when the waitress came I said, “Is this REALLY Maine Lobster?  because I am from Maine, and I would KNOW!!!”  She laughed and said she really thought it was from Massachusetts, but that I “didn’t hear it from her.” Thus that day I didn’t order Maine Lobster off the menu, but I tried something more native to California, that was really good as well.

I also remember the Pacific Coast Highway, a trip to Solvang, and touring Beverly Hills.  We went by President Reagan’s home, and although we couldn’t see the home……. I was a typical tourist and took a picture of the trash by the road………..THUS……..after not wanting to be a typical tourist………. I came home with an infamous picture of the Reagan trash cans and some palm trees………now THAT is being a tourist.

I am missing the warm weather out there today, but if anyone from California comes to Maine on vacation, be sure to have Maine Lobster with steamers and lots of butter, it is worth the trip………….but I hope you find a nice memory like that chauffeur and a Rolls Royce.

Thoughts regarding the Government reaction to Facebook Founder’s Call Friday, Mar 14 2014 

Once again, according to what I am reading in the news today, the government is basically responding with a big “F. U.”  to the American people in their reaction to Mark Zuckerberg’s phone call regarding internet surveillance and have decided to do the opposite of what he was asking………which was to offer us protection and not exploitation, and the government has apparently come back with a proposal to cease and desist tracking of internet IP domain names and addresses.

With cyber bullying being rampant, and inappropriate surveillance being done, it is a day when we need MORE protection and laws that prevent exploitation and misuse of us, but the government is apparently turning its back on us and creating the opportunity for yet more chaos that comes at our cost.  I sincerely hope I am wrong about that, because I want to BELIEVE in government, but in reading both articles, that is the conclusion I am reaching.

In the days when we need to count on our government, we can’t sit and watch them look the other way when we need them most.  I truly hope my interpretation of the information presented is erred, because what the article is saying is that they aren’t going to watch site domains or addresses, but to me………..they should be monitoring THAT, but NOT collecting family photos that somehow end up on buses in European nations without the victims knowing, and watching child porn.

We need to be very careful that the lawmakers are passing laws that protect US as a people, and not just government.  If the government turns its back on internet surveillance, it dissolves all of us who would be victims of cyber attacks and inappropriate bullying.  In other words, it’s just another method by which the government can simply look the other way and “not show up on time” by strategically failing the American people and companies who could be victims of potential cyber attacks that continue to destroy us financially and personally, and which could have potentially hazardous outcomes for citizens of the country.

The country does not need that.  We need a government that can watch internet surveillance appropriately, not leave us victims to attacks while they look the other way and fain ignorance, fail to collect proper evidence of misuse, abuse,  and who then do nothing but shrug “oh well”.  We are losing too much faith in them already.

According to Zuckerberg’s conversation, “The U.S. government should be the champion for the Internet, not a threat,” Zuckerberg wrote. “They need to be much more transparent about what they’re doing, or otherwise people will believe the worst.” (CNN Money, Pagliery, p.1.)

I want to believe in my leaders, and as a person who has loved my country, I want to have faith again……….but I don’t……right now….

I’d like to see them do something good with that surveillance, like go after our cyberbullies, but I am still waiting for a bill to make it to the floor……………aren’t YOU???


author unknown. (2014). http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/14/us-government-internet_n_4967271.html?icid=maing-grid7%7Cmain5%7Cdl2%7Csec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D454128 accessed March 14, 2014.

Pagliery, Jose. (2014). http://money.cnn.com/2014/03/13/technology/security/mark-zuckerberg-nsa/ accessed: March 14, 2014.

Thoughts on the Mother who bought the T-Shirts to get them off the Rack Wednesday, Feb 19 2014 

Utah mom buys all of store’s ‘indecent’ t-shirts

A mother entered a store that markets clothing to teenagers and saw some inappropriate T-Shirts with nearly naked young girls on it and she bought every T-shirt in the store to keep them out of the hands of the young people who might buy them when the store refused to remove them from the shelf.

Her mistake is that the store is going to now show profit from her purchase, thus increasing sales flow and cash accounting on that particular item on the profit and loss statement, which will now show that “sex positively sells.” Her actions have actually undermined her intent, which was to stop their sale and prevent them from getting into the hands of young people. Even if she returns the shirts at a later date, it doesn’t matter, they will be sold at a discounted rate after she returns them because the company, according to the comments of the staff, just doesn’t care, it is a product they want to willfully sell.

The companies are not going to care until we MAKE them care, because truthfully, they only care about what makes a profit for them and frankly, there are a whole bunch of scumbags enjoying the porn display and rewarding the kids or adults who give it to them, who don’t truly care about the influence and damage that those shirts are having on us as a society. I philosophically agree with the mother on this issue on removing them from view, however she didn’t do the right thing in the end regarding profit and loss.

On an aside, given the fact that the Sports Illustrated magazine, which is a non-pornographic magazine supposedly, comes as close as possible legally to child porn as well and fails to be a valid message about sports, sporting events, or about beautiful swimsuits, I really think the men and some of the women in this country need to re-evaluate their priorities when it comes to the message being sent to young girls and how and why they are valued.

Unfortunately, the problems and issues have reached the federal government workforce as well. If we allow ourselves to be undermined by a big, perverted bad “cop”, we make a statement to the world about ourselves and what we value.

So don’t buy the T-Shirts and increase profit for these people or their companies, instead teach your children not to take the porn in the first place, and when the shirts don’t sell from the shelves, THAT will make a statement.

What is also unfortunate in our society, is that children are being taught that porn that is “stolen” or trafficked is okay and that it is acceptable to violate and hurt innocent people without their consent. I have to wonder what type of adults would train a child to traffic porn for them turning the child into the “molester”. I also have to wonder what type of adult would torture children and teach them how to commit acts of terrorism on people just for fun either through footage dispersed without their consent, or mass killing, etc.

Those are the only very same young people who would be purchasing these T-Shirts in the first place……..better and wiser young people wouldn’t make the purchase to begin with from the store.

It reflects on our leaders, which is unfortunate. It’s about proper and truthful accountability for actions, which apparently, some of the country is lacking right now.

I am not a prude, truthfully I like to have fun as much as the next person, but I also believe you have a whole group of people out there who seem to be able to consume every ill and get away with it without any intervention, while the rest of us are left suffering with blame that isn’t ours to shoulder, and it shouldn’t be that way.

The way to teach young people to be good people is through accountability for their actions, and to teach them right from wrong and that there is accountability for lack of boundaries. Right now I only see them being taught how to turn blame on the wrong person, set people up and then laugh about it, which causes a huge moral and ethical issue for every person at some point in this country.

The issue plaguing us as Americans, as well as other countries, goes beyond just the inappropriate T-Shirts, it is a message about where we are heading as a country, as a society, and the sanctity and value of our humanity, our contributions, and the human condition.

Link to referenced article:

Author unknown. (2014). http://www.aol.com/article/2014/02/18/utah-mom-buys-all-of-stores-indecent-t-shirts/20832890/?icid=maing-grid7|main5|dl4|sec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D444128: accessed Feb. 19, 2014.

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